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Make your own protein balls with this easy 4 ingredient recipe!  You can use your favorite unflavored protein to keep it simple, or experiment with different flavors to see what you like most. Remember the dates already make this pretty sweet.  You can buy all the ingredients except the dates at AllStarHealth.com!

We look forward to being your one-stop shop for health and wellness in 2020.  Wishing you a wonderful new year!  Be safe and be healthy. AllStarHealth.com has added dozens of NEW BRANDS.  Here are just a few: Sea-Band Arizona Natural Products Canus Nature Bar Soap JR Watkins Andalou Naturals Bravo Tea Rainbow Research Olivella  Face […]

Expecting your first child can be extremely exciting and also down right scary. You learn a lot of new things – either by trial and error, or by word of mouth. It’s a new experience that brings a lot of new issues and questions in regards to your health and well-being. Don’t eat sushi, stay […]

Flu and cold viruses are common during the fall and winter. You start sneezing and feeling symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose, congestion, headaches and much more. Around this time of the year, as soon as we start experiencing these symptoms most of us rely on Supplements, warm food and teas, and many other remedies […]

      Last Day for September Specials!  Buy now before the deals are over… 15% off Simply Protein Bars with up to 14g of protein! 15% off Ooh Snap! Crispy Protein Bars – These bars are gluten free & guilt Free deliciousness.  Try one today. 15% off Entire Absolute Nutrition line of products! Save […]

There is a popular obsession right now with facial masks that claim to drastically improve your skin. You probably see dozens of options ranging from gel to clay to paper, but what actually works? One of the most popular types that has taken the internet by storm is bentonite clay. Online, you’ll find thousands of […]

The Benefits of Snacking

July 25th, 2019

The Benefits of Snacking We all have mixed feelings about snacking; some people avoid it because high calorie foods can be tempting! But there are healthier alternatives that can provide positive benefits such as regulating moods, preventing overeating during meals, and maintaining blood sugar levels.  All Star Health has made it easy to  have healthy […]

Is a sugar-free diet possible? YES! There are a lot of natural substitutes for sugar for those who enjoy sweetness in their food and drink. Sugar is commonly found in a lot of the foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis. Take for example one can of cola – it contains 9.75 teaspoons […]

Make their Life Puuurfect

June 5th, 2019

As cats and dogs age, they face complications similar to those of humans. Most common symptoms in aging cats and dogs often include dental disease, joint problems, and GI tract complications. There are many ways to prevent and treat your pet from going through such complications. Pet supplements have become an easy and healthy solution […]

Caffeine is a stimulant and mild diuretic that is commonly most popular for stimulating the central nervous system which reduces fatigue and restores alertness; however, it has other health benefits you may not know about. Caffeine is in most teas and coffees and most of us get our servings from these popular drinks among others; however, caffeine can […]