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New brand, Genesis Today Available at!

August 11th, 2010


Genesis Today is just one of the many new Brands you will find at   One of their most popular products, Genesis Today Acai100 supplies your body with 30,000 mg of Acai Berry Juice and is 100% Wild harvested from Brazil’s Acai Palm Trees.   

All Genesis Today premium supplements maintain their purity because of the ultra- natural approach they take to farming.  No pesticides or chemicals are ever used on the fruits that yield their supplements.  Local farmers and workers in in Thailand, Mongolia, Brazil, and French Polynesia extract the fruits from deep in the rain forests or jungles.  They also work with nurture farms, and they claim to have banned trucks on their sites to avoid polluting the products!

Genesis Today Superfoods products include 100% Wild Harvested Juices, supplements for Energy, Digestion, Detox/Cleansing and Immune Support.  Their 100% Wild Harvested Juices like Goji, Acai and Mangosteen supply your body with 30k mg. of pure juice.  You can check them all out at today and have them delivered right to your door!

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