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Nutrition Mailbag Q&A: What Are Your Best Weight-loss Products?

October 15th, 2008

Supplements can only enhance the results of, not substitute for, proper diet and exercise.

Q: Dear,

My husband and I have decided to start doing something about our weight now before the holidays add another 10+ lbs. But we’re confused by all the options, and products and to-good-to-be-true claims. What do you think are your best weight-loss products?

A: There are so many types of weight loss products available now, that you’d really have to be more specific before we could make specific product recommendations.  To help you sort it out, here’s a quick overview of the different types of weight-loss supplements we sell.

Keep in mind that whatever weight-loss product you’re considering, all it can really do in and of itself is enhance the results of your diet and exercise program. That’s it. The products themselves are not, and can not be a substitute for either the diet part or the exercise part; those are still non-negotiable requirements for successful long-term weight loss. The weight-loss product is far less important than diet and exercise in terms of achieving results. In fact, if your diet is good and you’re exercising properly you don’t really ‘need’ any supplement at all, you’ll still lose weight.

Different weight loss products do different things.  Some are special-purpose supplements, some are all-in-one formulas that give a little support in a few different areas. But until someone’s embarked on a diet-and-exercise program and worked with it for a few weeks, it’s not clear- to them or to us-in what area they need some support or what kind of product they need.

But after a few weeks on a program, it should be clearer what kind of product a person needs. Here are some examples of special-purpose and more comprehensive formulas that you might consider once you have the benefit of a few program weeks behind you to guide your purchase.

Appetite suppressants: As the name suggests, these decrease the appetite. Not everyone needs or wants and appetite suppressant, though. They can actually be counterproductive if you are trying to eat 5-6 small meals per day as many people as part of their program. But for those who snack from stress, boredom or just because food is there appetite suppressants can be worth their weight in gold.

Best bet: Glucomannan supplements

Carb blockers: Best for those who can’t avoid or resist the high carb foods that you need to avoid for successful weight loss.

Best bets: NatrolCarb Intercept with Phase 2

Fat blockers: Best for those who can’t avoid or resist high-fat foods, some of which are unhealthy and to be avoided for successful weight-loss.

Best bets: BSN Cheater’s Relief, Absolute Nutrition F-Block

Energy drinks: Best for those who just don’t have the energy to exercise at the time when their schedule allows them to exercise. Drinks kick in quickly, and users can drink more or less depending on how much of a boost they need.

Best bets: VPX Redline, Chaser drinks, BSN Endorush

Metabolic optimizers: These products enhance metabolism in some way that promotes fat burning. These are generally non-stimulant products that can be used in conjunction with other weight-loss products. People often use these products when – in their judgment – they’re doing everything right, but the pounds just aren’t coming off or coming off fast enough.

Best bets: CLA, Chromium, Citrimax

Complete Diet Formulas: Sometimes called ‘fatburners’ or ‘thermogenics’, these are multi-function products that offer a little support in several categories, energy boosting, appetite reduction and metabolic optimization. These are often best for those just beginning a program who may need support in several areas.

Best bets: Nutrex Lipo 6x, Muscle Tech Hydroxycut Hardcore, iSatrori Lean System 7, SAN Tight.

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