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5 New Natural Testosterone Boosting Herbs

October 27th, 2011

If you’re looking to boost your natural testosterone production, but are tired of all the old school test boosters on the market, then this post is just for you. Below we’ve compiled a list of new products to hit the market, their ingredients and why you should care. Many users have been reporting great gains with the products listed below, and there’s no reason why you can’t experience the same awesome gains, too. Take your natural testosterone production to their next level by picking up some of these hot new products.

IForce Tropinol supplementBoost your natural testosterone with these new products

Below are some of our most popular and best reviewed natural testosterone products that have just come out in the last year or so. If you’ve picked up one before and liked it, be sure and check out the other products for a potentially awesome test-boosting stack.

  1. IForce Tropinol:Tropinol uses the powerful test boosting herb known as ProLensis (bulbine natolensis). It also contains basella alba, vitamin D3 and a small dose of caffeine. Many have found this to be their new favorite testosterone booster to take early in the morning and before workouts. The ProLensis and basella alba in IForce Tropinol have been shown to raise natural testosterone levels almost immediately after ingestion, which makes for a perfect pre-workout snack. The small dose of caffeine helps deliver an additional workout boost as well. For a truly potent testosterone stack, try combining IForce Tropinol with Omega Sports T-Force and BodyStrong ZMA.
  2. Omega Sports T-Force: This product contains the powerful new ingredient known as Fadogia Agrestis PE. Fadogia has been used for years as a natural aphrodisiac in Africa, but nobody knew exactly how it worked until recently. The pure Fadogia Agrestis PE extract found in Omega Sports T-Force has been shown to increase testosterone levels in a dose dependent manner, meaning the more the users took the more their testosterone levels increased. The optimal dose was found to be at 50mg/kg of body weight, which is approximately 3-5 capsules of Omega Sports T-Force. This product works by increasing the cholesterol building blocks in the testes as well as by increasing luteinizing hormone levels, a powerful combination for boosting your test naturally.
  3. Primaforce D-Aspartic Acid: D-Aspartic acid is a revolutionary new natural testosterone boosting supplement that has been shown to increase testoserone levels by 42% in as little as 12 days. It’s backed by clinical research and has been shown to boost natural testosterone synthesis by increasing intra-testicular cholesterol levels, the building blocks of testosterone. This is one of those products that actually helps kick-start the mechanisms by which testosterone is manufactured. It would have easily been a favorite amongst those who were looking for a natural PCT, but has just recently become available to the public. Recently, many people have been picking up D-Aspartic acid and absolutely raving about it. Try some for yourself and you’ll know why.
  4. Isatori Isa-Test GF: A potent combination of Testofen (fenugreek), tribulus, eurycoma longifolia, epimedium extract, ajuga turkestancia and rhaponticum carthamoides root extract. It includes a blend of ZMA in it, too. This blend will quickly take your natural test levels into overdrive. One study using the ingredients found in Isatori Isa-Test GF found that bioavailable testosterone increased by 154% while estrogen was reduced by 43%. Anabolic growth factors were also spiked by 140% with Isatori Isa-Test GF. If you’re not using this supplement and you’re serious about boosting your natural test levels, you’re seriously missing out.
  5. BodyStrong ZMA: Even though ZMA is a classic natural testosterone booster with proven research supporting it, we’ve included it because BodyStrong just came out with a bulk sized ZMA bottle that is very affordable. Many people love using ZMA, especially because you can really feel the higher test kicking in within a few days of taking it, but it’s always been so expensive that many shy away from it. Now that BodyStrong has come out with a 4-month supply ZMA¬†, there’s no reason not to be using it.

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