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10 Lifestyle & Nutrition Tips Everyone Should Practice

August 11th, 2011

happy_FoodLet’s get right to it: Here’s 10 truly helpful lifestyle and nutrition tips that you can start applying to your life today:

5 Lifestyle Tips

  1. Plan ahead: Plan workouts, meals and social events ahead of time. I like to spend every Sunday preparing meals for the following week as well as charting my workout schedule so I’m prepared and can plan ahead each day. That way you don’t have any excuses to miss meals or workouts.
  2. Find a workout partner: Having somebody to share the pains and pleasures of working out is better than working out itself! You’ll have someone to carry a conversation with, motivate you to workout hard and keep you committed and on track.
  3. Get motivated: Let’s face it, if you’re not motivated than the rest of these tips really don’t matter, because you won’t use them. If you want to make positive lifestyle changes, first do some soul searching and figure out the source of your motivation. Maybe you want to feel or look better, or maybe you want to challenge yourself and build self-discipline while achieving the former. Regardless, don’t forget what got you motivated in the first place.
  4. Have a system of rewards in place: Set goals, benchmarks and have rewards planned and ready for when you reach them. It keeps you motivated and gives you something to look forward to.
  5. Remove temptation from your life: Limit interactions with people who live unhealthy lifestyles. Don’t keep unhealthy food in your pantry unless you plan on eating it. Don’t tempt yourself if you don’t need to! Remove temptation today.

5 Nutrition tips

  1. Eat lean protein with each meal: Lean proteins from fish, meat, eggs and milk speed up metabolism and increase the metabolic cost of meals, meaning your body has to burn more calories to utilize the ingested proteins. Protein is also used to build new lean muscle and speed up fat loss.
  2. Only drink zero calories beverages: That means water, green tea, black tea, and coffee. Diet soda is a treat, drink it sparingly.
  3. Shop in the grocery store perimeter: You won’t find much junk on the perimeter of the grocery store, but you will once you go down the aisles. Meats, dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables are often kept in the refrigerated sections on the perimeter, which is where you should spend 95% of your time while in the grocery store. Stay away from the bakery. Ha, thought I’d forget, but I didn’t. Seriously though, no bakery.
  4. If you have to wonder if it’s healthy, it’s not: C’mon, use your common sense when it comes to making dietary choices. Do you think that salad with 400 calories of soybean oil dressing is healthy? But it’s from soy, it can’t be that bad, right? Soy’s healthy, right? Hydrogenated soybean oils and 30grams of cane sugar in your salad dressing isn’t healthy. Seriously, just keep it real and be honest with yourself.
  5. Moderation: When it comes to meal sizes use moderation. When it comes to carbs and fats, use moderation. Have a little bit of everything, in moderation your body uses all of these nutrients very well. Even use moderation when it comes to protein. Overeating protein isn’t good for your kidneys and can actually diminish your body’s ability to use amino acids. Moderation is key.

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