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The buzz on bees!

November 1st, 2016

While bees might not be the most well-liked members of the insect world, their existence is so crucial to our planet’s global ecosystem that the bad rap is probably not deserved. Bees are responsible for helping plants to thrive, from the humblest of wild flowers to the most important staples of our consumable food crops. More and more people today are beginning to wise up to just how amazing our little buzzing friends are, and as they cozy up to the idea of bees not being the bad guys more of these same people are beginning to take a look at what else bees can do for us. Using any kind of bee product for health reasons is called Apitherapy, and we carry a huge range of products to help you get started.

Honey, at least, is no secret. This delicious liquid gold has been a sticky part of almost ever culture’s diets for time immemorial. It goes in tea, on bread, in recipes sweet and savory alike. Honey is omnipresent and that is not likely to change any time soon. What is changing, however, is the type of honey that the average consumer is interested in. Whereas in years prior people were content with the cheapest bear-shaped plastic bottle on the supermarket shelf, now it’s beginning to pass into public view that the quality of the honey you eat makes a huge difference. That’s where raw honey comes in! This stuff is a superfood if ever there was one. Unlike the filtered, highly processed and nutritionally empty version you’ll find in most stores, raw honey has a huge amount of purported health benefits. Its packed with micro nutrients and even has antiviral and antibacterial properties! We carry  a few different types of raw honey, from the especially coveted Manuka honey (which comes from bees fed on the Manuka tree and typically comes from New Zealand or Australia) to the standard raw honey that is still miles above the diluted, artificially flavored stuff you’ll find in most stores. Go ahead and try our standard Y.S. Bee Farms Manuka Honey or their  organic option to start reaping the benefits of this ‘superfood’ today! We also carry raw honey by Honey Gardens, which comes in a delicious orange blossom flavor as well.

What about pollen? Bee pollen is the second step in the honey-making process. After bees collect pollen from flowers they compress it into tiny clumps. This stuff has garnered attention as a health food for awhile now, and is packed with amino acids, proteins, and vitamins such as folic acid. While it’s important to avoid this product if you have any sort of pollen allergy, many swear by it as an all-around health tonic. Try the capsule form by Nature’s Way or NOW to avoid the bitter taste of the pure granules, but if you want the pure stuff we offer Y.S. Bee Farms Pollen Granules, Sunfood Spanish Bee Pollen, and Montana Big Sky Bee Pollen.

The next two Apitherapy products are a lot less well known. First up there’s Royal Jelly, which is arguably the most valuable product that bees produce. Royal Jelly is what bees feed their larvae, and how they make queen bees grow to be queens. While normal worker bee larvae are only fed on this substance for a few days, the larvae that is destined to grow into a queen is fed on Royal Jelly for most of its development. Y.S. Bee Farms offers a Royal Jelly that is added to raw honey to aid its shelf-stability, and a softgel version which might be more convenient to consume if you’re not a fan of honey. NOW also offers both a honey/royal jelly mixture and capsules. Montana Big Sky and CC Pollen also offer Royal Jelly in capsule form. Last on our list is Propolis, which is basically the bee version of brick mortar. They use this gooey stuff, which they produce from tree bud pollen, to seal their hives. Propolis is purported to assist in healing and is rapidly gaining popularity as a health supplement. Check out our full range of Propolis products to find anything from propolis spray and propolis capsules, to this Y.S. Bee Farms supplement that mixes propolis with pollen, royal jelly, and korean ginseng for an even more therapeutic experience!

Apitherapy has been around in traditional ancient medicine for hundreds of years and is finally gaining popularity in modern natural medicine. With such a huge range of products you’ve got every reason to see for yourself what the ‘buzz’ is all about!

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