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5 Common New Year’s Resolutions and How All Star Health Can Help You Keep Them

January 27th, 2017

With the first month of 2017 almost over, we thought we’d check in with you to see how you were doing with your fitness goals.  We all know that the beginning of the year is when people make those new year’s resolutions to get fit, get active, lose weight, build muscle, go on a cleanse and detox and more. Alas, according to a study by Harris Interactive, 73 percent of all people who make New Year’s fitness resolutions eventually return to their old ways. But you already knew that.

Here are a few of the most common resolutions that people make and some products available at All Star Health that can help you achieve your goal.

  1. Lose Weight
  2. Cut Stress
  3. Get Healthy
  4. Get More Sleep
  5. Save Money

We carry supplements that when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program can help you lose weight faster. Two to try: Weight Loss Supplements and Meal Replacement Powders.  Weight loss supplements often contain caffeine and green tea designed to boost metabolism, suppress appetite and increase energy. Meal replacement powders work by replacing unhealthy meals with balanced and nutritious powders, bars and ready-to-drink beverages, depending on your own taste and preference.

Consider taking a vitamin or supplement to reduce your stress. All Star Health carries a variety of natural remedies including Vitamin B complex and products containing Valerian root.

If your goal is to get healthy in 2017, you could do one of two things, or better yet, do both – get active and start a new exercise routine and start cooking healthier meals. We have lots of sports nutrition products that will increase your motivation to workout. Try our healthy kitchen options to make simple substitutions for things you use on a daily basis!

Getting more sleep (the recommended seven or eight hours a night) can sometimes be challenging for some people. In addition to limiting caffeine, nicotine, alcohol intake, you can also avoid big meals at night. Exercise during the day or at least keep moving and take time to relax. Still no luck? We have some over the countersleep aids that can help.

Make a budget and stick with it. Shop at All Star Health for your vitamins and supplements. We have the lowest price guaranteed and $5.95 Flat Rate Shipping to help you save money!

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