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More Warnings About Acai Scams

March 23rd, 2009

Last December we published a post in response to the growing number of emails and calls we’ve had in regard to web and multilevel-marketed Acai supplements like Mona Vie. Now an leading consumer advocacy group has lent its voice to those calling for caution and a hefty dose of caveat emptor.

Today’s top story on the website of the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Science in the Public Interest is a warning to consumers about web-based Acai berry scams.  Both interest in and confusion about Acai berry supplements seems to keep growing despite exposes like this one.   As you read the CPSI’s report or ours, the take-away message is that while Acai may be a good source of antioxidants, there’s no objective basis for  wild claims of increased energy, lost weight, or symptomatic improvement of  diabetes, arthritis or other diseases.

There’s also no good basis for the very high prices of off-name Acai supplements sold through MLM and some webs sites.  On top of the overpricing issue are all kinds of re-billing and other unethical shenanigans some of these companies pull, as described in the CSPI piece.

So there’s nothing wrong with Acai, and unless an Acai supplement contains a lot of sugar or something else objectionable,  Acai is certainly not harmful. And most people could use more fruit and vegetable foods in their diet. But Acai simply doesn’t warrant a high price tag or exotic, too-good-to-be true selling techniques, so when either one of these is present, you’re not looking at your Acai best-option.

If you want to use an Acai supplement but want to make sure you’re not overpaying or getting a second-rate product, it’s pretty simple.  Don’t buy Acai products from fly-by-night websites or out of the trunk of some hopeful entrepreneur’s car.  Established and trusted supplement companies like NOW Foods, Natrol and Paradise Herbs have been quietly offering top-shelf Acai supplements for years that are much more affordable and almost certainly of higher quality.  Each brand has decades of experience sourcing and testing raw materials and using those to make pure and affordable products.

Buy Acai from companies who specialize and have experience in making supplements.

Buy Acai from companies who specialize and have experience in making supplements.

Do you use Acai supplements? We’d love to hear your experiences and testimonials, including products used and prices paid. Send comments to mtaylor at allstarhealth.com.

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