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Aromatherapy: Lavender, Clary Sage and Uses For Other Essential Oils

November 2nd, 2009

Essential Oils come from the leaves, flowers, seeds, roots and stems of aromatic herbs.  They are used for Aromatherapy or can be mixed with shampoos, soaps and lotions to create unique cosmetics.  Essential oils are widely used in candles and diffusers to fill a room with their delightful aromas.  The use of essentials oils dates back in to the Egyptians and the Chinese, who first used the aromatic herbs in medicine and cosmetics.  There are a variety of creative ways to blend the oils and personalize your home and bath.

Jojoba, Almond, Olive and Grape Seed oil are perfect to use as a base to dilute essential oils.  Jojoba is an all-natural vegetable oil that is great for daily moisturizing of the skin.  It is also used as a shaving lotion, to remove make-up and as a leave-in conditioner for  hair.  Almond oil is quite similar, used for moisturizing your body and hair, and as a scalp treatment. 

Lavender oil is one of the most popular oils and adds a strong floral scent to cosmetics and candles.  It can be added to body lotions or just dabbed onto a light bulb to fill the air with its soothing scent.  It has been used to treat mood disturbances, insomnia and to promote an overall tranquil environment.  

Clary Sage Oil is an interesting essential oil, and has a herbaceous, sweet aroma that is also used to soothe nervous tensions, and act as an anti-depressant.  It is sometimes used as aromatherapy during child birth to help with respiratory and muscular symptoms. 

Eucalyptus oil is immediately recognized once the scent is released into the air.  It is very clearing to the senses, and is used often in vaporizers and decongestants.  You may have used a eucalyptus rub under your nose or chest to help clear your nasal passage.  It is also used as a natural insect repellent and provides a much more pleasant scent than most popular citronella candles.

Jumiper, Lemon and Orange oil are most widely used to purify the air and cleanse the home.  The clean smelling essential oils are perfect to give your home or bath a refreshing, uplifting aroma.  These should definitely be diluted and not used directly on the skin.  They are best mixed with Jojoba or Almond Oil.

Another must for every home is Tea Tree Oil, which is widely used to treat skin irritations like blemishes and wounds.  This mixed with vitamin-e is great to treat minor infections and burns and will remind you of a spa the second the lid for this oil is twisted open.  Very aromatic and potent, this essential oil must be diluted before applied to the skin.

The art of aromatherapy has been around a lot longer than your usual air fresheners and air neutralizers, and adds a unique touch to your home.  Experiment with the scents and you will find that each finds a way to open your senses in a very calming and invigorating way.  Some really have magical qualities that will provide your spirit and mind with a refreshing outlook on each new day.

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