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February 29th, 2016

Anyone who has ever had a scent induced flashback can attest to the power of aroma. You might be out, walking along, minding your own business when BAM! Out of nowhere you smell something and you find yourself suddenly transported back to some long-gone time or place. It’s a strange phenomenon, but pretty much everyone has experienced it at some point. There have been countless studies proving how strong of a connection there is between our olfactory sense and memory. But, can scents do anything else for us? Well, yes, and that’s where aromatherapy comes in.

The idea of aromatherapy dates back as far as ancient Egypt. Thousands of years ago Egyptians began using herbs to produce oils that may very well have been the ancient equivalent of modern essential oils. They used these oils as medicine for ailments both physical and spiritual, and were even known to utilize Eucalyptus oil in their mummification process. (You don’t have to be a mummy to enjoy it– eucalyptus oil is also great for soothing the sinuses during a cold!) Similar herb-infused oils were used in medicine, rituals, and cosmetics in ancient cultures all around the world. In India essential oils became an integral part of the Ayurvedic medical system. In Greece, even the “father of medicine” Hippocrates extolled the benefits of essential oils and occasionally incorporated essential oil massages into his treatments. Medicine and science have of course come a long way since then, but aromatherapy has survived the test of time. Modern science credits aromatherapy’s effects to a couple different things, depending on the method of ingestion. When aromatherapy oils are inhaled, usually via an oil diffuser, the limbic system in our brain is to thank for the beneficial effects. Scent particles send signals to the limbic system when you breathe them in, and since that particular region in the brain controls emotion it can have a noticeable effect on mood. Lavender oil, for example, may produce a feeling of calm relaxation. Lemon scents, which you can find in this popular bath oil, have been known to uplift and induce a feeling of cheerfulness. For almost any mood you can think of there is a scent that can promote and enhance it.

If oil diffusers aren’t your thing, fear not! There are plenty of other ways to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. Essential oils can also be incorporated into massage, and who doesn’t love a massage? Studies have shown that this particular method’s effectiveness is due to the porous quality of our skin. We absorb some of the oils when they are massaged in, and that can affect our body directly in the same way that any topical medicine does. (Plus, massage does WONDERS for muscles and mood in and of itself) Try Now’s comforting massage oil blend. It’s the perfect aromatherapy massage after a long day, or try the Arnica relief massage oil, which adds warming arnica to the mix for a perfect post-workout rub-down. Not a massage person, either? Whether you need an extra boost to wake you up or help you wind down, you can also use aromatherapy in your bath for an instant, hassle-free spa experience right at home. There’s even a lavender scented eye-pillow if you want to sneak in a little aromatherapy while you catch some Zs. Now that’s effortless!

Aromatherapy makes a wonderful addition to any health routine, no matter what way you use it. It is a great way to enhance your mood and treat the senses without a lot of fuss. Give it a shot and who knows, it might just make you feel (and smell) great! Be sure to browse our extensive collection of aromatherapy products to learn more. There’s sure to be a scent that’s just right for you, no matter what you are looking to get out of your aromatherapy experience.

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