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Boost Insulin Sensitivity to Build More Muscle & Burn Fat

July 21st, 2011

Insulin sensitivity isn’t tossed around as much as its counterpart insulin resistance. But improving insulin sensitivity is key in building more muscle, burning fat and avoiding insulin resistance as as well as type II diabetes. So what the heck is insulin sensitivity? It’s referring to how well your body can process glucose with the least amount of insulin possible. Your pancreas secretes insulin every time you eat a meal, and the insulin helps to deliver the absorbed nutrients from the blood stream into muscle and fat cells. Because of this, controlling insulin is essential in building muscle as well as losing body fat. Poor insulin sensitivity, also called insulin resistance, is the case when excessive amounts of insulin is needed to achieve the same effect. Cinnamon

This article explores proven methods that can help you boost your insulin sensitivity, control blood sugar levels and optimize your body to better handle nutrients.

Supplements That Boost Insulin Sensitivity

The following is a comprehensive list of some of the most well-researched supplements and foods that have been shown to boost insulin sensitivity, lower blood glucose levels and improve body composition:

  1. Eclectic Institute Blood Sugar Control: A comprehensive blend of blood glucose regulating supplements including cinnamon, prickly pear, bilberry, and aronia.
  2. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar: A top notch weight loss aid, apple cider vinegar works to heal the body in many ways, one of which includes promoting insulin sensitivity and blood glucose regulation.
  3. Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA): Helps convert glucose into energy.
  4. Cinnamon: Cinnamon has been used for decades to help regulate insulin sensitivity.
  5. Prickly Pear: Scientific studies have confirmed that prickly pear (nopal cactus) in large doses can actually work just as well as prescription blood glucose medications. It helps by assisting the bodies cells in utilizing blood sugar for energy.
  6. Banaba Leaf: The coroscolic acid in banaba leaf help stimulate cellular glucose transport. This helps you to maintain healthy blood glucose levels and boosts insulin sensitivity.
  7. Bilberry Fruit: The powerful anthocyanins in bilberry fruit extract improve eye health and also aid in normalizing blood glucose levels.
  8. Nettle Leaf: Preliminary studies suggest that nettle leaf may lower blood glucose levels and it is being investigated for its ability to possible help treat and prevent type II diabetes.
  9. Bitter Melon: Rich in Gurmarin, a polypetide that can help suppress the trigger release of insulin when the taste buds come into contact with sweets. This stuff is great for improving insulin sensitivity.
  10. Aronia Fruit: Shown to be helpful in blood sugar control and improving cardiovascular health.
  11. Coenzyme Q10: What doesn’t CoQ10 help with? CoQ10 may improve heart health and help regulate blood sugar levels.

Lifestyle Habits to Improve Insulin Sensitivity

The following is a list of tips and tricks you can do to improve your insulin sensitivity and increase nutrient partitioning:

  • Fast: Fasting is a great way to improve insulin sensitivity. When you’re not eating for extended periods of time, your body is priming itself for your next meal. Your insulin sensitivity shoots through the roof as your body gets ready to use every single calorie you eat for good purpose.
  • Exercise: Exercising improves insulin sensitivity and primes your body to utilize more calories after you’re done. This is why it’s important to take advantage of the post-workout meal window of about 4 hours when your body can partition nutrients in a more effective manner. Post-workout meals are less likely to be stored as fat and more likely to be used to replenish glycogen levels and build new muscle.
  • Make your biggest meal of the day a post-workout meal: For the exact reason listed above!

Utilize these tips and tricks, add a few insulin boosting supplements and watch your body start to change!

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