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Clean Pre-Workout Fuel for Athletes

February 1st, 2010


For too long, athletes have relied on sugar laden pre-workout and recovery drinks, so the carbs they burn in exercise are replenished with high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and maltodextrin. The energy from those carbs is bulky and ineffective, especially in endurance athletes. Endurance athletes need clean energy that can be sustained in their body for the entirety of their workout. It’s not easy to run a marathon or finish competitive cycling without your body being pushed by whatever energy you put in to it.

Think about it, with a car’s engine, it relies on a steady stream of gasoline. If you put water in the gas tank, your car isn’t going to work to the best of its capabilities. With our bodies, pouring sugar in drinks to help provide energy is going to jack-up insulin levels and cause an energy spike followed by a complete crash. Similarly, energy from heavy doses of caffeine only lasts a relatively short amount of time and will likely cause you to plateau in the middle of a workout. Instead of being pumped for only about a half hour or so, why not find something that can help you throughout your workout and your day?  Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a house wife scrambling to pick the kids up from school, clean the house and still put dinner on the table, you need to refuel and re-energize with healthy solutions.  You don’t need complex carbs, coffee or drugs like ephedra to provide energy. NOW-03072-l

Quercetin, like many supplements, has a wide array of uses.  Think about the healthy energy that your body needs to stay focused and on task throughout the day.  Your body relies on the production of mitochondria to provide metabolic activity. Quercetin has been shown to increase the production of mitochondria, keeping a sustained period of metabolic activity both easier for your body and seemingly much safer than some of the other supplements being used to provide energy.


Quercetin is easy to find and relatively cheap and it’s incredibly easy to add into your diet. Available in multiple forms, many people add it to their diet with a single softgel. But what if you’re on a bike or running?  You can choose the soft chews or ready-to-drink cans from FRS. This reputable product introduced just a few years ago has hit endurance athletes hard because of their accessible forms, great taste, and most importantly – clean, reliable energy from Quercetin. Don’t believe us? What about Lance Armstrong and Derek Fisher, two of the brand’s spokesmen. The momentum is only getting stronger and this is one product you don’t want to miss.

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