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Collagen More Than a Lip Plumper!

July 13th, 2010


When you hear the word “collagen“, you immediately think of big plump lips and cosmetic injections.  You can inject your lips, crows feet near the eyes, wrinkles in your hands, and you can even inject your booty with collagen to plump it up.  But collagen is important for much more than it’s most popular known uses as a skin plumper and wrinkle reducer.   Collagen is found abundantly in your skin, tendons, organs, bones, cartilage, cells surfaces, hair and placenta.  It is essential to proper growth, function and health of your body.

Collagen comes from the Greek word for glue, Kolla.  It means “glue producer”, though what this protein really does is strengthen our connective tissues through a network of fibers.  The more collagen your body produces, the stronger this network will be.  Unfortunately, natural collagen production can be slowed by factors like poor nutrition or genetic defects.

Collagen supplements have recently become popular not only for making the skin appear younger, but also to support healthy bone growth and strength, to provide flexibility in the joints and muscles, and even to help hair and nails grow.  So anyone with issues ranging from Arthritis to Achy muscles can try a collagen supplement.  The downside used to be the cost, but now there are so many varieties on the market the manufacturers don’t have such a hold on us.

It is recommended that you take vitamin c when taking a collagen supplement.  Vitamin C is responsible for building collagen in the body.  Vitamin C  adds hydrogen and oxygen to amino acids inside your cells.  Basically this forms a molecule which later turns into collagen outside of the cell.  So with no Vitamin C, collagen can not be produced.  You could try Neocell Super Collagen Powder (Type 1&3), which comes in a powder form and can be mixed with a glass of orange juice.

Other ways to try Collagen are in liquid or capsule form.  You can also find Collagen in many Skin Formulas and Wrinkle Care products.  Each has specific use for your body and can be experimented with to gain different results.

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