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Commonly-confused supplements.

November 10th, 2008

It's easy to get confused about supplements and terminology.

It's easy to get confused about supplements and terminology.

Supplement names and abbreviations have always been a source of confusion and mistakenly-ordered products. With new products and more advanced products entering the market each month, it’s likely to become even more confusing. So here’s a breakdown of the most commonly confused and misunderstood supplements.

Alphabet Soup

Nutritional supplement labels contain dozens of abbreviations intended to simply and clarify the product’s ingredients. But the abbreviations themselves can be confusing and easy to mis-read:

DHA: Is an essential omega-3 fatty acid, found in fish oil and krill oil.

DHEA: Is a natural hormone usually used as part of an antiaging protocol.


EPA: Is an essential omega-3 fatty acid, found in fish oil and krill oil.

EPO: Is evening primrose oil, used as a source of essential omega-6 fatty acids like GLA.


GLA: Is an essential omega-6 fatty acid, found in borage and evening primrose oil.

CLA: Is a nonessential omega-6 fatty acid, used to support fat loss


PABA: Is a metabolite of the B vitamin folate

GABA: Is an amino acid used for relaxation and sleep support

Different forms, different functions

Many nutrients exist in several forms. Sometimes the form you use makes a difference, sometimes it doesn’t.

Acetyl-L-carnitine: Is the acetylated form of L-carnitine. It’s used as a brain booster.

L-carnitine: Is used to support heart health and fat-burning.

But don’t confuse either of these with…….

Carnosine: A peptide with anti-fatigue and anti-aging properties.


5-HTP: Is a metabolite of the essential amino acid tryptophan, it’s used to help control carb cravinngs and sometimes mood.

L-tryptophan: Is used to promote better sleep.


L-cysteine: Is an essential amino acid usually used to support hair growth.

N-acetyl-cysteine: Is the acetylated form of L-cysteine usually used for liver detoxification support.


Non-bone Calcium

None of these supplements containing calcium is actually used as a calcium supplement; they’re taken for other reasons:

Calcium d-glucarate: Promotes healthy detoxification of estrogen and other compounds

Calcium ascorbate: Is a non-acidic form of vitamin C.

Calcium caseinate: Is a type of slow-releasing protein supplement from milk.


Glutamine: Is an amino acid used to support muscle, immune and intestinal health.

Glucosamine: Is am aminoglycan used to support joint health.

Glutathione: Is a peptide used to promote liver detoxification.

Glucomannan: Is a type of fiber used as an appetite suppressant to help with weight loss.

Grapes of Wrong

Grapeseed extract: Is a potent antioxidant, good for vascular health and skin.

Grapefruit seed extract: Is used as a natural anti-microbial.

Swimming At Your Own Risk

Shark Cartilage: If used at all, should be used for immune system support not for cartilage and joints.

Wrack’s wrong if it’s a bladder problem

Bladderwrack: Is a sea vegetable used as a source of iodine for thyroid support – not for urinary bladder problems.

Fiber or Not?

Pectins: Like apple or grapefruit pectin are soluble fibers, used fror digestive and cholesterol support.

Modified citrus pectin: Is used for immune system support in special cases.

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