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CoQ10 – Not Your Mother’s Antioxidant

January 29th, 2010


Coenzyme Q-10, or CoQ-10 as it is commonly called, is no longer the antioxidant people know it to be. It has been supplemented for years, for a wide array of uses here in the US.  Although CoQ10 is produced naturally within the body, many factor’s decrease the levels we sustain (such as prescription medicine, increase in age, and disease), making supplementation essential. While most users take CoQ10 for cardiovascular disorders or improvement in immune system function, evidence is also revealing that CoQ10 may also be beneficial for athletic purposes.

Recently, in a randomized, double-blind test, researcher’s found that participants that supplemented their diet with CoQ10 instead of a placebo showed an increase in autonomic nervous activity, enhanced lipid oxidation and even a likelihood in increased energy metabolism. While supplementation in the study was a mere 30mg, many professional recommendations range from 100-300mg daily.

This find is more than incredible. With a large and diverse group supplementing their diet with CoQ10, this product is well on its way to becoming a regular sports supplement. Whether you’re interested in bodybuilding or endurance, you can’t go wrong with taking CoQ10. There are more benefits of this wonder “vitamin” being discovered every day.

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