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September 1st, 2016

With back-to-school in full swing and schedules getting crazier as summer draws to a close, many of us may find ourselves in the midst of an energy slump this month. Luckily there is a huge array of vitamins and supplements that can assist! Whether you’re in need of a natural energy booster, vitamins that support your body’s natural energy production, energy bars, or even energy shots, we’ve got you covered.

Let’s start with the basics. If that 2 o’clock crash has you desperate for a quick solution, now’s a great time to try out the wildly popular 5 hour energy brand energy shots, if you haven’t already. It comes in a variety of flavors and boasts decaf and extra strength options as well. These shots pack get their energy from a combo of vitamins, minerals, and caffeine (excluding the decaf version, of course). They have great flavor options, too! There’s a reason these puppies are sold everywhere from grocery stores to gas stations to airport newsstands! If natural is more your thing we’ve also got Eboost Natural Energy Shots which rely on plants, fruits, and tons of nutrients to provide long-lasting energy.

Another new and interesting trend on the energy supplement front is energy gels. These gels tend to be mainly comprised of easily-digested carbs that aim to aid your body in replenishing glycogen stores. High endurance athletes like marathon runners often utilize energy gels’ unique portability and fast acting sugars to fuel up during particularly long athletic sessions. The most popular variations come from Powerbar and GU. PowerBar’s PowerGel comes with or without caffeine, and some of the caffeinated varieties even offer 2x the caffeine. GU Energy Gel comes in a huge variety of flavors, from rootbeer and sea salt chocolate to cucumber mint and apple, so you’re sure to never tire of the same old taste.

So what about actual supplements? There is a huge array of supplements out there specifically formulated to boost energy. For starters there is always the standard caffeine supplement, which comes in a number of dosage sizes to suit your particular needs. Rainbow light has a natural energy formula that relies on vitamins and a blend of herbs to aid the body’s natural energy production. Futurebiotics also has a similar formula with all natural ingredients including bee pollen and royal jelly, both nutrient powerhouses. Doctor’s best has a unique energy product containing only NIAGEN, a riboside that helps energy on a cellular level. If you’d rather skip the pills, enzymatic therapy offers a drink mix in two flavors that aims to revitalize tired bodies and fuel your energy needs.

Simply peruse all of our great energy products and you’re sure to find something that fits with your unique schedule, taste preferences, and needs, whether its a drink, gel, pill, powder, or good old fashioned herbal tea. In this time of year especially we could all use a little extra boost of energy!

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