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Energy…Couldn’t we all just use a little more of it?

November 20th, 2013

It’s amazing how differently your day goes when you have energy and when you don’t. Or maybe it’s not even a whole day; you just start to notice your mood change and your excitement level drop as the day goes on. Let’s take a deeper look at ways you can help prevent this from happening.

Often times, a rough, lazy day is due to lack of or poor quality of SLEEP in previous nights. Takes time and discipline to find what works best for your body. Different people’s body follow different sleep cycles and fall into REM at different times. Many doctors swear by 8.5 hours of sleep every night. Others encourage the 90-minute cycle. If your problem is that it takes you forever to fall asleep, you may want to consider some different supplements. Melatonin and L-Tryptophan are good supplements to check out to help get you into a normal sleep cycle.

Maybe you just need a little “pick me up;” there are many options out there. A lot of people turn to coffee, which has its ups and downs. If you’re looking to get the energy without the dark beverage, caffeine supplements are helpful. Or maybe you really do love sipping on something in the morning; check out Chaga as an alternative to coffee. It has some other sources of natural energy and a unique flavor that is great when mixed with cocoa or vanilla.

Or do you want something that will give you lasting energy while also satisfying your sweet tooth? Sharkie’s sport chews are a great option. Made from all natural ingredients, they provide the minerals and electrolytes needed for that next activity of the day. If you’d rather drink something sweet and flavorful, try E-Boost, which is packed with various vitamins and minerals to help pick you up for the day and boost your immune system.

I always catch myself looking around the house for a “good” snack and pick up a bag of pretzels. Yeah they may be low in calories, but are not meant to fill me up and give me energy for the rest of my day. Best to find snacks high in protein and fats to help sustain you throughout the day. Nuts, avocado, hummus, are all good ways to get that boost.

Find your favorite!

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