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Enjoy The Holidays Without Gaining A Pound

November 17th, 2008

Don't worry about holiday weight gain, we've got you covered!

Don't worry about holiday weight gain, we've got you covered!

Every year around this time, the forces of nature collaborate and conspire to add as many pounds as possible to our bodies before we know what’s happened. The weather has grown colder, curtailing all those great outdoor activities that let us burn calories while having fun. The days are growing shorter, too, forcing us to live more “indoor” and sedentary lives.  But the real trouble is looming just over the horizon; from Thanksgiving onward, parties and other holiday get-togethers promise an onslaught of tempting foods. What’s more, these temptations are often presented in social situations that may be awkward, boring or stressful – all of which encourage unrestrained or excessive snacking and grazing.  (How do you think Santa got so fat?) It’s no wonder that nearly everyone gains some weight over the holidays, but you’re not “nearly everyone” are you?  No, and because you’re reading this blog, we’re going to let you in a few products that will let you enjoy yourself this holiday season without nuking the results of all your hard work dieting and working out this past summer and fall.

First up is an interesting type of fiber supplement called glucomannan, also known as konjac or konjac root – it’s all the same thing. This is a powdered fiber supplement usually sold in capsules. It’s the most-effective, simple and foolproof appetite suppressant, ever, and it’s not a stimulant.  It has all the benefits of other soluble fibers, but the unusual thing about it is its ability to absorb large quantities of water and expand into a mass of healthy fiber.  Taken with water before meals, the glucomannan fiber gently and comfortably expands to occupy space in your stomach. So you feel full and are satisfied with much less food,  than would otherwise be the case. It’s almost physically impossible to overeat when using glucomannan before a meal.

Glucomannan is a best bet for those who overeat out of boredom, stress, anxiety or just because the food is there.

Carb Blockers have been around a long time but, amazingly, have never really hit the big time. They seem very under-utilized relative to their usefulness. I think this is because Carb Blockers have always been more-or-less marketed as stand-alone weight loss solutions – which they are not.

Carb Blockers incorporate a substance from white kidney beans that is able to block the conversion of complex carbs (pasta, breads, cereals, potatoes)  into the simple sugars that would otherwise likely be stored as fat. One popular, trademarked brand of this ingredient is called Phase II. Carb Blockers like Phase II don’t do anything for simple sugars already present in food such as candy, ice cream, cookies, wine, soda or fruit juice.

Carb Blockers should be kept on hand and used strategically to allow the occasional indulgence in carb-heavy meals, without un-doing all of your hard work in the gym and the kitchen. But you have to take them well in advance of the meal, so try to anticipate when you’ll need them and take them ahead of time. If you end up not needing them, they’ll do no harm. But you don’t want to take them at the same time as the meal.

Fat Blockers have been around as long as Carb Blockers, but for similar reasons, they’ve never really caught on (i.e., they are a not a complete weight loss solution in and of themselves).  Fat Blockers use a kind of fiber called chitosan made from the shells of crustaceans (lobster, shrimp and crab). That’s a shame, because they let you enjoy all those trans-fat fried and greasy foods that would otherwise be verboten in your healthy diet. Just like Carb Blockers, you need to take them well in advance of the meal for them to work well.

There are many good combination products that combine fat and carb-blocker ingredients such as BSN’s Cheater’s Relief and Absolute Nutrition Dynamic Duo..

All of these products are affordable, safe and easy to use.  Order now and use them at the right time – and you’ll come out of the 08/09 Holiday season at the same weight you went into it!

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