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Foam Roll for Fat Loss

August 4th, 2011

What do a foam roller and fat loss have in common? Simple: Improved blood flow. Foam rollers are used as a method of myofacial release in which muscle tissues are relaxed, scar tissue is broken up and released, blood flow is increased and lymphatic drainage occurs. Why is this important to fat loss? Well, sufficient fat loss requires efficient blood flow. When you foam roll over certain areas of your body, it increases blood flow and allows for fatty acids to be released into the bloodstream. Once in the blood stream they can then be used as energy.

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Fat loss can be divided into three distinct parts, all of which are benefited by improved blood flow. Check it out:The three primary stages of fat loss:

  • Mobilization: This is the first stage in burning fat and involves fatty acids exiting your adipose cells. This increases your blood fatty acid levels and primes them to be used for energy.
  • Transportation: Free fatty acids are transported away from the fat cell to be oxidized. This is the step in which blood flow is crucial. Poor blood flow will result in re-esterification, resulting in the mobilized free fatty acids being stored back in the fat cell. Bummer man! You were so close to burning that fat.
  • Oxidation: Once your body fat has been mobilized out of fat cells and transported through your blood stream, it can finally be used as fuel by your body and liver. A few enzyme interactions here and there and hungry cellular mitochondria oxidize your free fatty acids. Hello! We’ve got fat loss.

For men, poor blood flow is found in the lower back and abs, which is why that’s where body fat typically goes on first and comes off last. For women, in the thighs and buttocks. Fat storage in the lower back and abs is also a sign of poor insulin sensitivity (insulin resistance), a precursor to type 2 diabetes. Helping to mobilize fatty acids in this area by foam rolling can truly help stimulate fat loss.

Both men and women that enjoy a consistent lean look in the above noted “problem areas” are most likely benefiting from great genetics, hard work in the gym and great blood flow (or a combination of the three). For all of us that aren’t so lucky in the genetics department, we need to come together and figure out creative ways to benefit our hard work in the gym and dedication with our diet. If the aforementioned are already in place, then adding foam rolling sessions and proper supplementation are the logical next steps. Foam rolling helps improve recovery of muscles, increase flexibility and as I’ve mentioned multiple times already, improve blood flow directly to the rolled areas. The following is a list of other methods that can help benefit improved blood flow and work hand in hand with increasing fat loss:

  • Exercise and stretch regularly. Use a premium foam roller like J-Fit Foam Roller for myofascial release.
  • Skip the elevator: Take the stairs when you can, it burns extra calories and improves blood flow to the legs and lower body.
  • Stop smoking cigarettes: Smoking and nicotine from cigarettes facilitates poor circulation among many other health detriments. If you smoke cigarettes, try taking a supplement like Natrabio Stop-It Smoking Nicotine Free that may help reduce the desire to smoke.
  • Niacin: Take a Vitamin B3 aka Niacin supplement. Many people feel a “flushing” effects from niacin and it helps to improve blood flow.
  • Herbal supplements for blood flow: Lavender, hawthorn berry, garlic and rosemary extract.

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