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Gut Feelings – Probiotics and Mood

May 24th, 2018

There is a relationship between our gut health and our mental health called “the gut-brain axis.” Research has shown that the microorganisms which line our intestines can affect our emotions. Probiotic supplements, which replenish microorganisms in the gut, may have a positive effect on our mood!

Studies have shown that probiotic supplements may decrease aggression and depressive thoughts. People who take probiotics regularly may also experience a decrease in anxiety! Researchers continue to study the link between the gut and mood. This information is not intended to suggest that probiotics be taken as treatment for depression or anxiety. Still, this interesting information may indicate that regularly taking probiotics can have additional benefits to improving digestive health.

Taking a probiotic is an excellent measure to promote better health and well-being. AllStarHealth.com currently stocks a very wide range of probiotics from many popular brands with a variety of delivery systems including lower cost single strain through targeted formulas and multi-strain ultra-high concentration products. Below are a couple that you can check out today.

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