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Hair Care Tips for the Seasons

September 28th, 2020

As summer comes to an end and the heat lingers behind for a while longer, hot and humid weather can have a major impact on your scalp and hair care. carries hundreds of hair products in our Bath & Body category.

Some believe that this change of season and temperature causes more scalp irritation. This may be attributed to the excessive sweating that occurs on your head. Furthermore, when cold weather does arrive, dandruff can become an issue for many. The year round UV sun rays that we are exposed to have also been known to cause more breakage, dryness, and split ends to hair overtime so keeping our hair healthy during each season is especially important (try Jason Restorative Biotin Pure Natural Conditioner to help strengthen and repair weak, damaged hair).

Humidity may cause scalp irritation and unwanted itchiness.  We recommended trying Theraneem Organix Shampoo Scalp Therape, a shampoo that carries the essential oils your hair will thank you for (and it’s also available in a gentle formula for those with sensitive skin). As many may know, true hair health begins at the root. Our scalp needs extra care in order to help the growth. One key ingredient in many formulas is the tea tree oil which can soothe the head and relieve scalp irritation while at the same time detoxifying to promote healthier and longer locks. Speaking of longer locks and hair care, vitamins can play an important role when trying to achieve healthier hair. Biotin and other B vitamins are best known for repairing thin damaged strands by stimulating natural hair growth. Our Body First Biotin can make a big difference in not only your hair care, but skin and nails as well! Biotin has many benefits and is usually found in food; however, a biotin supplement can help boost that deficiency which makes this product a great choice for daily hair care.

There is always a solution for overall hair health, daily vitamins and the right shampoo may just do the trick! After trying the products that work best for you, you should be on your way to beautiful and healthy hair. Check out all of our hair care products!


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