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How to burn fat and get in shape fast

January 19th, 2012

Looking to get in shape fast? With summer quickly coming to its end many are looking to accomplish what they’ve been putting off this entire season. This post is going to be short, just like the amount of time it’ll take for you to get in shape if you follow the program. Read on friends…Get in shape fast

Get in Shape FAST

Your approach to getting in shape fast will involve 3-key areas of focus. Those areas are diet, exercise, and supplementation. There are other areas of focus that help with getting in shape such as great sleep, but I’m going to assume you have them under control and just focus on the essentials.

Diet: I’m going to suggest you follow the Paleo diet here. This involves limiting your diet to only things you can gather, hunt, pick or fish. Your diet should consist of nuts, berries, lots of leafy vegetables, fish, lean meats, brown rice and I’m going to allow you to have skim milk too. Don’t eat any processed food and try and keep your portions to 600 calories or less, this will prevent you from overeating in any one sitting. If you’re going to hav ea cheat meal, limit it to once a week and have it post workout. Drink only water and unsweetened green or black tea for your beverages. Straight black coffee is ok, too. Remember, stick to the outer perimeter when grocery shopping.

Exercise: Commit to 4-45 minute high intensity cardio sessions on a bike, treadmill, or biking/running/swimming outdoors each week. You should do this four times a week and give it everything you got in terms of intensity. It’s not supposed to be fun or easy, if you want to get in shape fast you have to hit it hard. There’s no reading a paper or listening to your iPod here. If you are working out hard enough your iPod earphones shouldn’t be able to stay attached to your ears. If you’re able to, try and include an additional 2-3 days of metabolic resistance training consisting of 60 minute sessions in the gym. This exercise program combined with your Paleo diet will contribute to fat loss and muscle gain very fast.

Supplementation: Utilize the following supplements to help boost your fat loss and . Getting in shape fast isn’t just about gaining muscle or losing fat, it’s about both. You’ll need to focus on exercise recovery (protein) as well as exercise potential (thermogenics) to boost the quality of workouts.

  1. Whey protein: Take a scoop of whey protein every morning when you wake up and every time you finish a workout. This will help boost protein synthesis and fat metabolism in the morning and initiate recovery after your workouts.
  2. Creatine: Creatine isn’t just for guys. Girls can benefit from taking creatine by helping them recover faster and build/tone up muscle, making way for athletic legs and buttocks as well as a slender, toned upper body. Take a serving of creatine before and after all workouts.
  3. Thermogenic: A quality thermogenic like Body Burn will allow you to burn more fat during your workouts and have better overall workouts from increased energy and focus. Take a serving every morning when you wake up with a glass of water and a serving before each workout, except late night workouts because you don’t want the caffeine to interfere with your sleep.

Short and simple, follow this program and get in shape fast. Goodluck!

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