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Introduction to Digestive Enzymes

December 1st, 2011

Digestive enzymes—you’ve probably heard about these some place, somewhere, and you may or may not know anything about them. If you do, that’s fine; in fact, there’s probably a lot you can learn from this article. If you don’t, well, that’s just fine, too. So come one, come all and be sure and pay attention because digestive enzymes are the next acai.

Best Digestive EnzymesWhat are digestive enzymes?

Digestive enzymes are secreted by your pancreas when you consume a meal to help break down the macronutrients into absorbable and utilizable pieces in the stomach and digestive tract. Once broken down, meal components are able to be absorbed through the small intestine and into the blood stream, where they can be utilized by the body, fed to muscles, the brain and many other parts of the body. Although the system is complex, the benefits are simple.

Digestive enzymes can help relieve indigestion by ensuring complete digestion of meals. They can also assist in improving protein utilization, improve protein synthesis in muscles and ensure that more of the protein supplements you are taken are getting fully absorbed and utilized by your body instead of wasted. Enzymes like protease and bromelain can help in this manner. Digestive enzymes are naturally found in many foods, especially leafy greens, fruits and other vegetables. However, many enzymes are lost, damaged and destroyed during food processing, making it imperative to supplement when eating certain meals that your body may not be able to successfully and completely break down on its own.

The different types of digestive enzymes

The following is a list of the many different types of digestive enzymes that are available in supplement form. They are enjoyed and used by many to help relieve indigestion, help the body better absorb nutrients from meals, breakdown macronutrients and even facilitate weight loss through improved digestion:

  1. Body First Ultra Digestive Enzymes: An affordable and premium complex blend of betaine hcl, Pancreatin 4x, papain (papaya enzyme), cellulase, ox bile extract, pepsin, bromelain (papaya) and papaya powder. This is one of our best selling digestive enzyme blends because it offers so much at so little cost.
  2. Champion Nutrition Digestive Enzymes: A bodybuilder’s blend of protein digesting Protease 3.0, papain NF, protease 4.5, peptidase, protease 6.0, lipase, bromelain, amylase, invertase, lactase, pangreatine and alpha-galactosidase. This is a great blend to help break down mass shakes and protein powders. Highly recommended if you are a bodybuilder/athlete or consume a lot of protein supplements.
  3. Doctor’s Best – Best Digestive Enzymes: This highly complex blend contains over 15 different premium digestive enzymes and remains one of our most popular advanced digestive enzyme blends.
  4. Irwin Naturals – Daily Digestive Enzymes: This enzyme blend is great for assisting in the digestion of complex meals and contains enzymes to help break down all three macros: carbs, fat and protein. A very well rounded digestive enzyme with a very fair price.
  5. Life Extension Enhanced Super Digestive Enzymes with Probiotics: A premium digestive enzyme blend with high concentrations of each enzyme. This too has all the enzymes necessary to break down carbs, fat and protein.
  6. Nature’s Life Enzyme Aid Digestion: Excellent value for the cost; this is a very basic digestive enzyme that gets the job done while saving your wallet. There’s nothing fancy in this blend, but if you’re looking to get a feel for what digestive enzymes can do your for, this product is a great starting place, especially because the ingredients are of very high quality.
  7. Pioneer Digestive Enzymes & Herbs: This is more of a nature-based digestive supplementing with Pancreatin 4X and a bunch of digestive herbs with natural enzymes like ginger root, fennel seed extract, peppermint leaves, gentian root, artichoke and cayenne fruit. If you’re looking for a 100% all natural digestive supplement, this is the perfect choice for you.
  8. Enzymedica Digest Gold: Easily the most expensive and highest quality of all the available digestive enzymes. Enzymedica Digest Gold has made a name for itself because of the extremely high potency of the enzyme blend. All it takes is one capsule to tackle any meal this earth has to offer. Digest Gold contains the necessary enzymes to break down pretty much anything. In it you’ll find enzymes like maltase, glucoamylase, beta glucanase, xylanase, hemicellulase, phytase, pectinase, invertase and many other enzymes that you simply can’t find in other blends on the market.

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