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Lipo-6 Black: New Weight Loss Product by Nutrex Research

December 1st, 2009

Lipo-6 is already one of the best selling weight-loss products on the market.  Recently, Nutrex Research improved their original formula by creating Lipo-6 Black and Lipo-6 Black HersNutrex Research claims this new formula is even more power packed than before, delivering rapid results and reaching a new level for fat burners

Lipo-6 is a thermogenic formula, which means these products work by increasing energy and metabolism.  Thermogenic formulas literally increase the metabolism and generate heat which in turn helps burn fat.  You will notice that you have increased energy when you work out with thermogenics like Lipo-6 Black.  The formulas seem to help you pick up speed once you become physically active, so you feel like you can workout longer and harder.

Lipo-6 Products have a liquid capsule delivery system which releases fat burning ingredients in two stages.  The active ingredients in this supplement are Synephrine, Caffeine, and Yohimbine but the proprietary blends have other trigger ingredients that help everything work together.

Synephrine increases metabolic rate and caloric expenditure by targeting areas where fat is stored and turning this fat into a source of energy.  Synephrine doesn’t affect heart rate or blood pressure and doesn’t cause the jittery feeling you sometimes get with weight loss products.  Another name for Synephrine is bitter orange, which is derived from the fruit of a small citrus tree called, Citrus aurantium.

Caffeine has a diuretic effect which alleviates that bloated feeling.  It also helps increase energy, speed up fat loss and give you more focus.  Caffeine also tends to minimize your appetite and keep hunger temporarily off the mind. 

Yohimbine has stimulant qualities and helps increase energy, fat oxidation and metabolism.  It is used in both prescriptive and over the counter weight loss products like Lipo-6 Black.  It is also thought to have positive effects on sexual drive, but when combined with other fat loss ingredients can help create an energizing effect which may lead to weight loss.

The makers of this top-selling product boast that Lipo-6 Black is a revolutionary new fat loss supplement that is unmatched in the industry.  The product is gaining popularity with All Star Health customers and when used alongside a healthy diet and an exercise program can help you jumpstart your diet .  If you feel you have reached a plateau and are ready to try something new, it is a good choice considering the number of your peers giving it a try!

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