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November 3rd, 2011

shaker_cupShaker cups rock. Yeah, you heard me. I remember the days when I used to mix my protein with a fork and guzzle down clumps of half-dissolved protein. Hopefully I’m not describing your current situation, but if so, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of blender bottle shaker cups.

These shaker cups are a bodybuilder’s best friend, and typically come out to play in the morning, before workouts, after workouts and sometimes again at night. Basically, every time you need to mix protein or powders with water or other liquids, these shaker cups are awfully handy.

However, many companies charge up a storm for their shaker cups. You so gladly give them your service by purchasing their products and then they try and nickel and dime you all the way out the door with shaker cups costing anywhere between $9.95-$12.95  a piece. Other companies will throw in “free” shaker cups if you purchase more than a certain amount, but then they jack up the prices of the supplements you’re buying, so either way you pay more.

All Star Health would like to introduce to you the concepts of honesty and normal priced shaker cups. Yes, these concepts are often neglected when dealing with many online supplement retailers, but we like to think we’re different: And the prices speak for themselves. All of our supplements and products sold on our website are incredibly competitive. In fact, we offer a price match guarantee if you find them cheaper on another site. Furthermore, we offer simply shaker cups for $1.50. It’s as simple as that.


Best Shaker Cups for Your Needs

Everybody who uses powdered supplements needs to have a line-up of reliable shaker cups. These shaker cups are key for blending your supplement powders without making a mess. They also help prevent clumping and ensure that you get an evenly mixed liquid blend. Depending on how often you need to shake things up, you’ll want to keep more or less shaker cups on hand. Personally, I find that a lot of my shaker cups often disappear into the magical abyss known as my “family and friends” (who apparently love to nab shaker cups). If that’s the case for you then be sure and check out the various shaker cups below and pick which one is best for you!

  • All Star Health Blender Bottle Shaker Cup (28 fl oz): An ultra-premium shaker cup that works best for handling thicker powders or mixtures with less water. The blender ball helps prevent clumping and facilitate mixture solubility. If you’re someone who regularly mixes weight gainer shakes or mixes protein powders in milk, this is the perfect shaker cup for you. I’d recommend picking up 2-3 of these shaker cups and 2-3 of the shaker cups listed below to give you a great line-up of shakers, so you’ll always have what you need clean when you need it.
  • All Star Health Turbo Shaker (750 mL): These shaker cups usually cost less than $2 a pop, at the time of this writing they are only $1.50. You could buy ten of these shakes cups for $15! They are perfect low-maintenance shaker cups for quickly making protein shakes, greens powders or mixing single ingredient powders with water. They are easy to clean and don’t have any extra parts besides the bottle itself and the lid. Stop stirring your protein powder with a fork and pick up a few of these. For this price you can’t afford not to! Note: Make sure you always use the strainer basket, if you take it out then the bottle doesn’t form a perfect seal with the lid and may leak.
  • Turbo Shaker Cup with Strainer Basket (750 mL): This type of shaker cup is similar to the blender bottle shaker cup mentioned above except that the strainer is located on the upper portion of the bottle. It sits comfortably in between the lid and bottle.

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