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Mushroom Madness in a Healthy Kitchen

June 13th, 2013

Mushrooms belong in your Healthy Kitchen because they are a unique source of nutrients that are commonly overpassed. Personally when I hear mushrooms, three words come to mind: delicious, healthy, vegetable; which are only partially true.

Delicious: You may feel differently about the taste, but I can hold true to that statement myself. Mushrooms are a great addition to an egg scramble or a stir-fry.

Egg Scramble: I suggest starting off by sautéing onions in half a teaspoon of olive oil; add a handful of chopped mushrooms and sauté until darkened in color. Then add a handful of fresh spinach and position the ingredients to one side of the pan and add an egg. Pair this will a glass of orange juice and a piece of toast and you have your self a tasty well-balanced breakfast.

Stir-Fry: The ingredients to add into a stir-fry can always vary depending on what you have in your refrigerator at the time. A personal favorite is tofu, carrot, broccoli, fennel, and mushrooms cooked in onion, garlic and soy sauce. This is great put over a cup of quinoa, which is a nutrient rich grain. Simple, yet delicious.

Vegetable: Scientifically mushrooms are neither a vegetable nor a fruit considering they do not have roots, leaves, or seeds and do not require light to grow. So they are categorized as a fungus; “any of a diverse group of eukaryotic single-celled or multinucleate organisms that live be decomposing and absorbing the organic material in which they grow, comprising the mushrooms, molds…” (Dictionary.com). However, on the culinary side, mushrooms typically get grouped with the vegetables like tomatoes (even though they are scientifically a fruit).

Healthy: I was right about this. Mushrooms contain a unique concentration of nutrients. Dr. Oz on January 3, 2013 published an article talking about 3 mushrooms and what they have to offer. In summary, he recommends Shiitake mushrooms to aid in combating cancer, Reishi mushrooms for cardio health, and Maitake mushrooms for immunity boost. Whether it’s part of a meal or a consistent supplement, you may want to consider increase your consumption of these nutrients.

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