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Natural products for teeth and gums are something to smile about!

June 20th, 2013


The human smile is universally an expression of joy, pleasure and friendliness. Many find an attractive smile to be a huge factor in the outward appearance of a person; not only straight, but also white teeth. When not being used as an expression of emotion, teeth function to grind up food for digestion. Two very prominent functions, but how are we expected to uphold both of these standards?

What we will find is that upholding both of these standards can really come from first taking care of the strength of your teeth. I am sure you all hear it from your dentist: Floss, Brush, and Rinse.

FLOSS – The dreaded task of flossing is really important for the integrity of your smile. What happens is as food gets lodged in between your teeth and plaque builds up, tartar forms, which causes reddening, and inflammation of the gums. Flossing is crucial in preventing gingivitis and periodontitis, which are gum diseases that can lead to the need for teeth removal. There are different products out there to ease the flossing process for kids and adults!

BRUSH – In brushing your teeth, the techniques and the toothpaste play important roles in the process. While floss gets between your teeth, brushing is necessary to remove food and plaque from the tops and sides of your teeth. In shopping for toothpaste you may begin to realize there are so many options. Really this just allows for you to find toothpaste that fits your need. Most can be placed into one or more of these categories:

Whitening: These toothpastes contain small amounts of peroxide to help remove stains. While whitening toothpaste is not as powerful as professional treatment, it can assist is keeping your smile bright.

Natural: These toothpastes tend to be “Fluoride-free” but use peppermint oils and aloe to help coat and clean your teeth.

Sensitive: These toothpastes often contain potassium nitrate to help sooth your teeth. It is meant for those with teeth sensitive to cold and hot temperatures.

RINSE – Mouthwash is one of those tasks that you really have to get into the habit of using and then it is no big deal. Spend one extra minute after brushing your teeth to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash that will coat your teeth to help fight against plaque build up. The same categories exist for mouthwash: Whitening, Natural, and Sensitive. Just find what works best for you!

There may be more to healthy teeth than keeping the bacteria and plaque away; it may be a matter of weak bones. If that is the case, you may want to look into taking a supplement to support bone and enamel strength.


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