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Cold and Flu Products – When There is No Time for Flu Time!

October 12th, 2009

Flu season.  Admit it, you have been telling yourself it is just allergies that make you itchy, sneezy, achy, grumpy, sleepy, listless and afraid to step outside.  The allergy relief you normally use is useless, you can’t make it through the day without sneezing every 10 minutes and wiping your nose dry every seconds.  If this sounds familiar, it’s time to admit you have the flu…but who has time for that?

Flu symptoms always hit you at the worst moment in your life.  You have school, work, people to please, people to feed.  You don’t have time to stay in bed and watch re-runs of House and Family Guy!  What can you do except buck up, and at least act responsible and head out the door each day.  This blog is going to give you a list of all cold and flu supplements AllStarHealth.com carries to help you on your way.  So stock up and start sharing with your family so you don’t get each other sick over and over again.

The basics: Vitamin C and Zinc

Vitamin C luckily comes in many forms now-a-days.  You can pretty much pop it to the max recommended dosage while you are on the go.  The most popular is Emer’gen-C, now with extras like multi-vitamins, Acai, B-Vitamins, Quercetin, Niacin and more.  Just find the type that fits your lifestyle best.  AllStarHealth.com even has Emer’gen-C Lite with a fraction of the calories and Emer’gen-C Kidz in Stranana Berry Blast.  You can also try Rainbow Light Gummy Vitamin C Slices with Vitamin C and E if you need an alternative to the usual caplets on the market. 

Zinc has been shown to lessen the amount of time you have a cold, and sometimes helps you sweat out the toxins.  Always take Zinc with food to alleviate any chance of stomach upset.  Try Now Ultimate Zinc-C lozenges and just let them dissolve under your tongue to release the nutrient into your system.

The essentials to help your brain work again: Liquid Medicines and Pain Relievers.

Nature’s Way has a large assortment of popular cold and flu relief.  Try Umcka ColdCare Hot Drinks in Cherry-Menthol, Lemon Menthol or plain Menthol for a non-drowsy cold reliever.  These are really great to sooth your throat and cut the severity of your cold down to a minimum.  There are also the Nature’s way Umcka FastActives that go straight into your mouth for quick relief in a jiffy.  Last is the traditional syrup cold relief like Sambucol Original Liquid with Elderberry.  Any of these are smart choices to help relief your symptoms while trying to get through your routine.

The stuff that might help you sleep at night: Cough Formulas and Homeopathic Sleep Aids.

There are several cough relief formulas for you to try that offer vitamins, minerals and homeopathic remedies to help you sleep better at night.  Try Boericke and Tafel Cough and Bronchial Syrup Nighttime or Hylands Homeopathic Cough Syrup with Honey which is made especially for kids but helps adults too.

Other sleep aids include Melatonin, Chamomile, and sleep formulas like Calms Forte Sleep Aid or Enzymatic Therapy Revitalizing Sleep Formula, which try to help you sleep without affecting your normal sleep patterns.   Sometimes a good nights sleep will do wonders to rejuvenate your body, so make time to get a full-nights rest whenever possible. 

Flu stinks, but everyone gets it one day or another.  Be good to yourself, eat healthy and get some ZZZ’s.  If you take care of yourself, you will in turn help everyone else around you by shortening your contagious sick time!

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