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PRE Probiotic Enhancer, A Drinkable Alternative to Supplements!

December 7th, 2009

PRE Drinks are called “Probiotic Enhancers” because they contain a proprietary prebiotic blend along with Inulin, FOS (FructoOligoSaccharides) and organic juices to help keep your digestive tract healthy.  Unlike other nutritional drinks, PRE promotes healthy levels of good bacteria, which in turn helps reduce the bad bacteria in your digestive system. 

PRE Probiotic Enhancer comes in an 8oz bottle in either the regular formula or low-calorie variety, which means roughly 10 vs. 50 calories per serving.  Both varieties offer a Pomegranate Blueberry flavor, and the low-calorie flavors also include Peach Mango or Pomegranate Yumberry.  Don’t confuse “yum” berry as simply an enticing adjective for a regular berry…the Yumberry is actually a juicy Chinese fruit called Yang-Mei with a pit like a cherry.  There is also an Acai Acerola in the regular formula – Acerola being a fancy name for a 3-lobed cherry fruit thought to originate from the Yucatan.  Soon to come to All Star Health are the Pomegranate White Tea and the Passion Orange Guava. 

The best thing about the PRE probiotic drinks is that they come in a sturdy case of 12 plastic bottles, so you can put them in your fridge if you prefer to keep them cold, and grab one conveniently every day.  They were created by Jarrow, a well-trusted company who makes many top-selling Probiotic supplements like Jarro-Dophilus EPS.

Basically Probiotics are friendly, living bacteria found in your digestive tract, which promote good health.  These microorganisms are already present in your gut, and are increased by the use of probiotics.  They help to stimulate the immune system naturally and aid in food digestion.  Prebiotics are the foods that probiotics flourish on.  Yogurt became a popular way to ingest these friendly bacteria in the past few years, and now Jarrow came up with this popular beverage option.

So, if probiotic supplements or yogurt are not convenient enough for you to realize the benefits of probiotics, PRE actually taste good and has the same value to your digestive health.  PRE Probiotic Enhancer is your drinkable alternative!

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