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Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

October 30th, 2019

Flu and cold viruses are common during the fall and winter. You start sneezing and feeling symptoms such as a sore throat, runny nose, congestion, headaches and much more. Around this time of the year, as soon as we start experiencing these symptoms most of us rely on Supplements, warm food and teas, and many other remedies to help us feel better while also fighting viruses.

Physiologically, our bodies contain natural metals such as iron and copper that have specific duties such as protection from invaders, but sometimes that is not enough for common viral infections such as the rhinovirus. Having a weak immune system increases the chances of being infected.

To better understand how supplements work in getting rid of colds, we have broken them down into different categories.

The Immune System Boosters

  • Copper, zinc and Vitamin D are antioxidants that become activated to boost our immune system. We carry products such as Quantum Thera Zinc Lozenges. They reduce chances of getting upper respiratory infections. It is important to consume vitamin D because it lowers the risk of developing such infections. The recommended dosage of vitamin D is 400IUs a day. Now Vitamin D-3 (400IU) contains 180 soft gels, enough to last you through the season.

Reduce Duration of your Cold 

  • Our bodies don’t make Vitamin C, consuming this vitamin will reduce inflammation and it also acts as an antihistamine to assist in relieving nasal congestion. It is recommended to take doses of 500mg for better results.
  • Zinc prevents viruses from reproducing.
  • Goldenseal, Now Goldenseal Root (500mg) 100 caps soothes mucus membranes and helps with other respiratory infections.

Natural Remedies

The symptoms we experience during a cold or flu are due to our body’s immune response and healing process. For example, we cough to try and clear out mucus and prevent it from carrying germs to the lungs. Having hot drinks like Traditional Medicinals Organic Seasonal Tea, with Y.S. Eco Bee Farms Organic Raw Honey  will soothe your sore throat.

Another natural remedy is soup, it helps with clearing mucus congestion and eases symptoms.

Other Tips 

Rest as much as you can, stay hydrated and warm!

If your symptoms don’t improve within 14 days, be sure to contact your doctor.


We also carry Cold and Flu Products for Children.


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