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Probiotics and Essential Microorganisms

May 29th, 2015

What is a microbiome and why do probiotics and digestive enzymes assist in keeping this army of essential microorganisms happy and functional?

Increasingly people are looking to find more holistic solutions to their health and wellbeing issues.  Additionally, more and more supplement companies are looking to assist the consumer in making educated decisions and creating products that complement the entire system, not just target ‘problems’ as they arise.

A microbiome is the population of microorganisms found in the human body and the largest colony of microorganisms is found in the gut. This vast colony of friendly bacteria has a gene pool that is even larger than our own genetic material.  The good news? While the genes we inherit that affect our health can’t be changed, there is an increasing body of evidence that suggest that influencing the makeup of the body’s microbiome by introducing healthy bacteria to improve the microenvironment can play a part in changing how our body reacts to ‘unhealthy’ influences.

Probiotics are a key component of this trend and maintaining a healthy gut provides benefits not just in making the gut function more effectively to process food and supplements so that the body can make the best use of what is introduced via ingestion, but also to improve health outcomes in areas of weight management, chronic disease and even some infections.

Taking a probiotic is an excellent measure to promote better health and wellbeing. AllStarHealth.com currently stocks a very wide range of probiotics from many popular brands with a variety of delivery systems including lower cost single strain through targeted formulas and multi-strain ultra-high concentration products. Below are a couple you can check them out today.

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