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Probiotics May Help Maintain Healthy Skin

August 4th, 2009

Probiotics have become widely popular to minimize digestive issues, but today people are turning to these “good” bacteria to help clear their complexions as well.   Our skin is a reflection of our inner health, so it makes sense that the more toxins we can eliminate, the better our skin will look.  Studies are showing that acne and other skin conditions may be linked to intestinal health, so the use of probiotic supplements could save a lot of time and money spent on high costing skin treatments.  Probiotics can help stimulate the immune system and aid in the overall healthy of our body inside and out. 

For this reason, researchers have been experimenting with topical probiotic remedies along with supplements to improve acne, signs of aging, and other skin conditions.  Studies show that the “good” bacteria help neutralize some of the hostile bacteria, so our bodies can absorb and use the nutrients from what we eat a lot more effectively.  When we don’t have this type of balance, our system often reacts with acne, skin discoloration, sensitivity and other negative conditions of the skin.   Basically, an imbalance of good and bad bacteria means that the bad bacteria are outnumbering the good bacteria which cause an unnatural flow within our bodies. 

The good news is probiotics can be used anytime on a long or short-term basis.  Just check with your doctor if you want to know what amount is right for you.  When purchasing a probiotic, you will want to look for a few things when choosing the right supplement for you.  Some require refrigeration for the survival of the probiotic species, so check the label.  This isn’t always convenient, so there are many brands like Kyolic, Kyo-Dophilus that do not require refrigeration.  It never hurts to keep one in your fridge, one in your bag and one at the office.  Just make sure they are fresh and not expired, so you can make sure the probiotics have maintained their potency.

You also want to pay attention to how many billion live organisms are present in each serving, something you can also read right on the label.  Each brand will guarantee a certain amount per serving.  While there is no minimum daily requirement like Vitamins, you have to find the right balance for you.  They generally come in vegetarian capsules or beads, which are smaller and easier to take.  There are new varieties that also contain Cranberry such as Futurebiotics Cranbiotic or versions made specifically for women like Jarrow Fem-Dophilus.  As you would guess, the Cranbiotic helps maintain a flora balance in both the intestinal and urinary tracts.  The Fem-Dophilus is designed to contribute to the health of the reproductive tract as well.  Make sure to find one that has the most benefits for your personal health plan.

Children can also benefit from these friendly bacteria.  Nature’s Way created a Primadophilus for Children and a chewable Primadophilus for Kids.  For the young teen dealing with embarrassing acne, Primadophilus Junior could be a great start before trying the pharmaceutical remedies that often have bad side effects.

If you have not already looked into probiotics, this is a great time to do so.  There are many trusted brands on the market with remarkable products and plenty of information on the internet for you to find out more.

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