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Probiotics – No More Crying Over Spilled Milk

August 18th, 2010


In previous posts and all over the news, probiotics have been praised for their help with digestion, regularity and maintaining a solid immune system. Recently, some more articles have appeared that show probiotics can also help with milk allergies and their symptoms.

Those suffering from lactose intolerance have not only a much different shopping list than us, but they often have to deal with much more than the upset stomach after cheese enchiladas. Eczema, a common rash-like skin irritation, can be a result of this allergy and is itchy and uncomfortable. As these new studies have stated, probiotics can help with these skin conditions as well as the intestinal and stomach discomfort from consuming milk-based products. Adults have many options of probiotics including Garden of Life’s Primal Defense Ultra, Enzymatic Therapy’s Acidophilus Pearls and Jarrow’s Jarro-Dophilus EPS.



With school starting up, probiotics can be even more beneficial to parents. A study that came out this years shows that probiotics may be used to decrease the likelihood of common ailements such as ear infections, strep throat, colds, and diarrheal illness. There are options for even the pickiest of eaters like Yum-Yum Dophilus from Jarrow, which comes in a great-tasting raspberry flavor and Nature’s Way Primadophilus for Kids in a cherry flavor.

With all of the press on how essential probiotics are for optimal daily nutrition, the options get easier and wider for consumers to choose from. Want to make sure your dog doesn’t make a mess after slurping up the milk you spilled on the floor? Try Jarrow’s Pet Dophilus. It’s easy to mix in with Fido’s food and will also help with other immune functions. If you are nNot a fan of yogurt or want to make sure your tummy is sustaining a healthy amount of bacteria, you can try PRE – a prebiotic option that comes in a great-tasting and read-to-drink bottle that you can sip throughout your day. With options this endless, everyone – lactose intolerant or not, can have their cake, eat it too and even wash it down with a glass of milk.

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