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Product Spotlight: Tints of Nature Henna Cream

March 11th, 2021

Looking for a more natural way to dye your hair for Spring? Consider using the natural dye known as henna. Henna is derived from a plant, and is typically known for its use in body art; however, it actually has amazing benefits for our hair.  A new product here at All Star Health is Tints of Nature Henna Cream. Their formula penetrates deep inside your hair, simultaneously strengthening and acting as a hair conditioner as it colors. This leaves your hair with a beautiful semi-permanent hair color that is healthy and has a glossy appearance. Additionally, if you’re looking for grey coverage, they boast up to 80% of gray coverage!

Using henna to color hair is a growing trend that is recognized for steering clear of all the harsh chemicals that are in traditional hair dyes. Tints of Nature Henna Cream is free of  PPD/PTD, ammonia, parabens & resorcinol. It’s also cruelty free, vegan & vegetarian friendly. Over 95% of it’s ingredients are naturally derived. Due to the natural origins of most hennas, it is thought to be a safer option to help prevent breakage, negative scalp reactions and hair dryness (often the culprit for dandruff!). Regular hair dyes tend to strip our hair of its natural moisture and color whereas henna has been known to strengthen and condition our hair, while providing a gentle semi-permanent color stain.

We currently offer the cream in the following three colors:  dark brown,  golden blonde, and black. Go natural and experience a healthier way to color your locks with Tints of Nature Henna Cream, leaving your hair feeling and looking it’s best.

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