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Protein with a Kick: The 1-2 Punch of Isatori Liquid Morph+

April 7th, 2010


Protein is a necessity for every human being but for those of us that workout and want to build muscle, protein is a huge part of our lives and getting that vital nutrient into our system is even easier with Isatori’s Liquid Morph. The monotonous routine of protein powder, water, ice and a blender that’s tiring for both the drinker and the taste buds is over.

Protein shakes can get boring  – and what’s worse is you can’t drink them right before you workout unless you’re okay with lifting weights and running while bloated. Even some of the lightest, best-tasting whey shakes are filling and don’t exactly make you feel swift on your feet. Reason Number One for using Isatori’s Liquid Morph: Only 3 ounces gives you 45 grams of protein. This will keep your muscles pumped, allow the protein to flood to you veins during workouts, help get you massive pumps, and keep your hunger satiated during long workouts.


Reason Number Two? Accessibility. To make a protein shake that actually tastes worth the calories, you need a blender, an outlet, milk and ice – not something you can easily take to the gym. Liquid Morph tastes great, doesn’t require refrigeration and comes in sealed plastic vials so you can toss it in your gym bag, purse or in your suitcase when travelling.

But really, its not the fact that they are easy to carry around or that they taste great that make these small little vials stand out in front of their powdered predecessors, it’s the fact that they come with a complex blend of ingredients in addition to the protein that put them in a category all their own. These tiny little containers come packed with everything you need in a complete workout supplements:


Carnosine: This helps prevent muscle fatigue and promote greater bursts of energy so you can get all you need out of your workouts.

Nitric Oxide: This is kind of life caffeine for muscle building.  It allows the bloodstream to move faster, promoting bigger pumps and a faster highway for nutrients to ride along, until being delivered directly into the muscles.

Glycerol: While in almost every loading-phase and muscle-building product, most people know glycerol through its’ other referenced name: complex carbohydrates. Not only does glycerol help to fuel your body, but it also acts as a way to suck up all of the extra water in your system, giving you those skin-tight rips.

Citrulline: Citrulline Malate has been popping up in nutritional supplements a lot recently and there’s good reason for that. It helps increase NO production but also helps to decrease the production of lactic acid, a common complaint for muscle soreness.

Isatori’s Liquid Morph is a great, complete supplement that is perfect for anyone from mom’s trying to get the most out of their group exercise class or for the next Mr. Olympia.

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