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Rice Protein is a Tasty Alternative for Your Vegetarian or Gluten Free Diet

June 22nd, 2010


Rice Protein shakes are a great alternative to Whey Protein for those who are vegetarian, lactose intolerant, or are following a gluten-free diet.  Rice Protein can be added to baked foods, or simply mixed with water or juice to add protein to your diet.  This vegetarian protein gives you about 15  grams per serving and supplies you with essential amino acids that your body needs.

Vegetarians rely on many alternatives to meat products for their meals every day – soy, legumes, and Vegetable Protein such as Rice Protein.  Derived from Brown Rice, the protein is separated from the brown rice with the use of enzymes.  It is then used to create protein powder or used in bars and snacks ideal for vegetarians and vegans.

Those with sensitive stomachs also find Rice Protein to be a great alternative because it is easily digested.  People who can not tolerate whey (dairy) proteins find that mixing Rice Protein into their diet has provided a good source of protein without the unpleasant stomach issues.

Gluten Free dieters can also use Rice Protein without having allergic reactions.  If you have tried a Gluten-free diet you know that the more choices you discover the better, since this is a tough lifestyle to follow. 

Whatever your reason for trying Rice Protein – it is a smart choice to help maintain a balanced, nutritious lifestyle.

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