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5 Seasonal Allergy Tips

May 10th, 2017

The sun is shining and flowers are blooming. Spring is in the air! It’s all so lovely until you get that runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing attack. Blame it on pollen that’s on the rise as the weather warms up. Welcome to allergy season!

Allergens are present all year but in the spring, when pollination season for plants, grasses and trees begin, microscopic particles fill the air causing some people to have allergic reactions.


Here are some tips to help you through your seasonal allergies:

1. Limit exposure to allergens.
If you know that your allergies are triggered by pollen, avoid exposure by wearing sunglasses and a hat, when outdoors. Keep windows closed at home and maybe avoid the outdoors at midday to the afternoon when pollen levels are highest. Shower and wash your hair to remove any pollen before turning in for the night.

Find out if you are also allergic to other allergens like dust and pet dander and take the necessary precautions.

2. Take allergy medication early.
Doctors recommend taking allergy medication early. If you have seasonal allergies, start taking your preferred medication before they are likely to set in — you can use nasal or oral antihistamines or eye drops.

3. Try a natural remedy – Quercetin.
Quercetin is a flavonoid found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains. There are studies that show that quercetin prevents immune cells from releasing histamines. That’s why some researchers think that quercetin can help reduce allergic reactions, such as runny nose and hives. Although, this has not been proven in humans yet. Quercetin is also an anti-oxidant.

4. Try another natural remedy – Nettle
Nettle or more popularly known as stinging nettle has long been known for its medicinal properties. One common use is to turn it into nettle tea for allergy relief. It is also available in dried leaf, extract, and capsule/tablet form and as a root tincture.

As with any herbal supplement, you should check with your doctor before using.

5. Rinse out your nasal cavity.
One natural way to get relief from a cold or allergy symptoms is simply using a nasal irrigation system like the Neti Pot. Basically, you pour a saltwater (saline) solution into one nostril and as it flows, it washes out mucus and allergens. The saline solution rinses out your nasal passages and also restores moisture.
Non-prescription saline solutions also provide allergy relief.

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