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Dear AllStarHealth.com,

Two friends and I are trying to win an office bet by losing 10 lbs each before 3 other coworkers do. We heard lecithin is really good for weight loss because it breaks up fat or fat cells. We want to order some if there’s anything to that. Is there?

Denise F.

Dear Denise,

Lecithin is a terrific natural superfood, almost like several supplements in one since it supplies a mixture of nutritious fats and certain B vitamins. Lecithin is used by the body in a few different ways, but most people use lecithin supplements specifically for cholesterol-support or brain-boosting. So, what about lecithin and weight loss?

Want increased energy and libido? You haven’t tried everything until you’ve tried a greens supplement.

Estrogen levels can be reduced by safe, inexpensive type of edible seaweed supplement called bladderwrack. This is great news for men and women since excess estrogen is harmful to both sexes.