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Testosterone Boosters: It’s Not just about the Manhood

March 16th, 2010


Many people seem to think that testosterone boosters are used solely for the purpose of erectile dysfunction, but there is so much more behind these very popular blends. Additionally, while each blend and brand is different, there are some common ingredients that people purchasing these products should know about.

Men, regardless of their level of sexual stamina, should spend a few minutes looking into a testosterone supplement. These blends are meant for complete male health.  Testosterone is found in both men and women, but men have a much higher amount in their bodies. Male bodies hit their prime in the mid-twenties and once that peak is over, testosterone production is slowed down and weakened. This hormone, while widely known for its use in sexual enhancers, is also responsible for increasing muscle mass and bone density, which are weakened with age.

In order to get the most out of your testosterone booster, you need to find the right blend. Here are some key ingredients you should look out for:

Yohimine HCL: First, it is important to note that many women take this as well. Typically used to help treat lack of or dysfunction in sex drive, this ingredient is in almost every blend – which should be an indicator of how well it works. And if that’s the motivation enough or if there’s no problem in that area, some even believe that Yohimbine HCL plays a significant role in stubborn fat loss.

Tribulus Terrestris: The belief behind the strength of this product is still in debate, but it finds itself in almost every T-Boosting blend out there. Some believe that it releases androgen receptors in the brain, helping to build muscle and target an increase in release of testosterone.testojack

Eurycoma Longifolia: Also called Long Jack, this herb has been used for years – not just for its’ aphrodisiac purposes, but also for cleansing affects and anti-bacterial uses. This is probably one of the most backed-up herbs found in the blends, but it’s not accessible by itself; you can find it easily in NOW’s TestoJack 100.

There are a ton of testosterone boosters to choose from, whether it’s a blend or a solitary herb – but more importantly, there are many benefits to taking them. Whether it’s a loss in muscle due to age, or a loss in vitality, think about including one your diet.

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