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The Health and Longevity Benefits of Resveratrol

January 12th, 2012

Resveratrol has been on the forefront of many health, bodybuilding and longevity discussions lately. Bodybuilders are taking resveratrol supplements because of their claimed ability to act as a natural selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) and inhibit estrogen levels in their body, increasing testosterone levels in return. So, what’s the deal with resveratrol? Is it truly worth taking?

Red wine resveratrol

Resveratrol and Longevity

Resveratrol is currently being investigated for its ability to act as an anti-aging supplement, slowing the aging process by activating many anti-aging genes, like the MasterGene P53. Many scientific experiments on bacteria, fish, worms and mice have shown conclusive evidence supporting resveratrol’s ability to extend these creatures lifespans, sometimes up to twice the normal length.

But just because resveratrol supplementation increased the lifespan of some bacteria, worms, and lab mice in a research study doesn’t guarantee it will do the same in humans. However, there is a good deal of evidence supporting that resveratrol can act in the same manner in humans as it does in the animals in these experiments, primarily because we contain some of the same genes. Unfortunately, or fortunately (get ready for a semi-funny joke), humans have a longer lifespan than the animals in these experiments, so we haven’t been able to conduct any human studies with conclusive longevity results just yet. My final thoughts are that you can ignore the evidence in mice and fish and and not take resveratrol; great, no harm done. Or you can go out on a limb and extrapolate this data to assume that resveratrol can help slow down the aging process in humans too. It’s been seen time and time again the correlations between lab mice and humans. I guess that’s why we base so many studies off of them in the first place. And if in 30 years it turns out resveratrol is not applicable to anti-aging benefits in humans, well, at least you took a proven antioxidant for the past 30 years and helped block a little extra estrogen. But if you’re right, well, you’re going to look pretty darn good!

There are many bodybuilders taking high-potency premium resveratrol supplements standardized for trans-resveratrol to help them increase their natural testosterone levels. Resveratrol increases testosterone by acting as a SERM and aromatase inhibitor, blocking estrogen and raising testosterone levels. Here are some of the most popular resveratrol blends and pure products used for test-boosting purposes because of their high quality and affordable price:

100% Pure Resveratrol Supplements:

  1. Now Natural Resveratrol: Each capsule contains pure natural trans-resveratrol. One of the best prices on any concentrated resveratrol supplement.
  2. Doctor’s Best Trans Resveratrol: Each capsule contains 200mg of pure trans-resveratrol and 80mg of red wine polyphenols for optimal absorption.
  3. Source Naturals Resveratrol: Contains 100mg of pure trans-resveratrol extracted from polygonum cuspidatum and calcium to help with utilization.
  4. Enzymatic Therapy Resveratrol-Forte: High-potency blend of trans-resveratrol combined with rhizome, French whole wine grape extract, sophoroa flower bud extract and giant knotweed root.
  5. Olympian Labs Clinical Resveratrol: 500mg extra-strength resveratrol supplement.

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