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What’s the craze about coffee bean extract?

May 9th, 2013

Green coffee bean extract has been all over the market for the past year now, but what is it that makes it so special?

First of all, let’s make sure we know what it is. Coffee beans grow on trees and are found within red “cherries” seen on the plants. Once the shell is removed and de-husked, they are ready to be dried, roasted, and ground to make what we associate with coffee. But that’s where green coffee bean extract differs. Green coffee bean extract is obtained from coffee beans before roasting. So why is coffee coming back around as the new “healthy” weight-loss supplement, while the hot beverage people have come to love comes along with health risks of having coffee as part of your daily diet?

Unfortunately for the coffee-drinkers out there, roasting coffee beans does more than you may think. Green coffee beans are rich in anti-oxidants and low in caffeine. They have a flavor that we would not associate with coffee. When the beans are roasted, they become rich in caffeine and lose much of their antioxidants. The roasting process also brings out cafestol, which is one of the elements that is associated with the negative effects of coffee.

Being so rich in antioxidants, green coffee bean extract is thought to do more than just assist in weight-loss. It is also thought to help reduce blood pressure, increase blood circulation, and may even help with diabetes. As more research is done, we will know more about how likely this is to help.

There are a few tips in purchasing green coffee bean extract. Dr. Oz promoted looking for supplements that have “Stevol” listed in the ingredients, which helps assure that the product is pure. He also suggested a supplement with at least 45% or more chlorogenic acids, which is another indicator of the supplement being pure and effective as a weightless supplement.

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