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Yet another study affirms the safety of creatine. Forget what you may have heard, creatine is a safe, natural and very useful way to increase muscular energy and more.

Do they need catchier names? A celebrity endorsement? Here are ten great dietary supplements you’re probably either overlooking or have never heard of before.

Hard-to-read or confusing supplement labels are largely the result of obsolete FDA and FTC laws and not the supplement companies themselves. It’s time for a new legal framework that reflects the substantial evolution of dietary supplements in terms of products and therapeutic applications.

As if Alli’s notorious side-effects weren’t enough, a new study says the fat-blocker may actually promote weight gain.

Top Ten Products Under $10

August 18th, 2008

It’s just not true that supplements are expensive or unaffordable for most people. Whatever your budget, you can afford to do something more for your health than you’re doing now. Here are ten great supplements that cost ten dollars or less for a one month supply but deliver big benefits.

Music soothes more than the soul. Study confirms real, physical health benefits from listening to music.

Lose more weight in less time with these usually-overlooked fat burning strategies and tips.

People are still routinely told to “check with their doctor” when all but the simplest issues arise around health, supplements, nutrition and medications. But even doctors admit that their training in those areas is woefully inadequate.

Estrogen levels can be reduced by safe, inexpensive type of edible seaweed supplement called bladderwrack. This is great news for men and women since excess estrogen is harmful to both sexes.

What do coconut oil, tomato sauce and pumpkinseeds have in common? They’ve all been found to protect prostate health.