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Supplements that Improve Endurance

December 29th, 2011

Improving endurance naturally…quite possibly the Holy Grail of all high performance athletes. If you search for it on the internet, you’ll find a bunch of articles providing you with workout programs and exercise routines to help you get faster and stronger. Yeah, big whoop, we know that. Chances are if you’re interested in improving your endurance you’re probably already familiar with the fancy workout routines and exericses. You already train hard and you’re already pretty fast and strong. You’re not searching for fat loss or “how to get in shape,” rather you’re searching for the tips and tricks on how to take your endurance, strength and power to the next level. If that’s you then pay close attention because this article was written just for you.

Now, there are multiple ways to improve your endurance naturally:

  1. Increase oxygen utilization in the blood: This allows your body to be more efficient at supplying oxygen and nutrients to working muscles and cells. This can be attained from both optimized supplementation and intense training.
  2. Increase physical adaptation to training and exercise: This is the process by which your body . This can be accomplished by excellent workouts, nutrition and recovery. Factors like supplementation, post-workout recovery, workout quality, sleep and environmental factors play a big role here.
  3. Increase training capacity: This means upping your workout volume and intensity. Your body will adapt and become faster and stronger. This can be achieved by adding more volume and decreasing rest time with your workouts. Supplementation also plays a big role here, too.
  4. Diet: Diet plays a big part, too. As they often say when it comes to nutrition, “good in, good out.” Fruits, veggies and antioxidant rich foods help you recover, improve your immune system and also improve cardiovascular health. Diet goes a long way in improving endurance, especially at the elite levels.
  5. Sleep, rest and recovery: Getting great sleep is incredibly important to recovery, and recovery is incredibly important to performing your best. Make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night, preferably 8-9 hours if you can.

Supplements that Improve Endurance

The following supplements help improve endurance and

  1. Octacosanol: Shown to increase endurance and oxygen utilization in active individuals.
  2. Endurox R4: Improves recovery by replenishing glycogen and encouraging protein synthesis in muscle cells.
  3. Beta-alanine: Reduces lactic acid in muscles and improves muscular endurance.
  4. Creatine: Improves the creatine phosphate pathway as well as cell volumization and nutrient delivery.
  5. Rhodiola Rosea: A powerful herbal adaptogen that improves recovery, boosts energy and improves adaptation to training. It has also been shown to lower post-workout cortisol levels, improving muscle retention and boosting recovery.
  6. Ultra Cordygen V02: A cordyceps hybrid supplement with many other adaptogens shown to improve endurance.
  7. Cordygen 5: 5 strains of cordyceps to help improve oxygen utilization during workouts.
  8. Optygen: A powerful combo of rhodiola and cordyceps with key minerals to help improve oxygen utilization.
  9. Optygen High Performance: The same powerful combo of rhodiola and cordyceps in the original formula except with an additional gram of beta alanine in each serving.

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