HALO Cloud Nine Herbal Eye Wash 2 oz

HALO Cloud Nine Herbal Eye Wash

2 oz

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Cloud Nine Herbal Eye Wash Description from HALO
Does your pet have eye discharge?

Herbal Eye Wash is a natural solution to dirty eyes and blocked tear ducts (especially for pets like Pugs, Pekinese or Persian Cats.) When used as directed, these products provide a natural herbal alternative that is effective, gentle and easy to use. The secret is the two-step process. Kit lasts for months!

Eyebright Eyewash #1 in a boric acid solution is a refreshing astringent that cleans away ugly brown discharge and opens up the clogged tear ducts.

Goldenseal Eyewash #2 in a saline solution is effective against the germs that build up in the clogged tear ducts. Soothes irritated tissue and reduces swelling.

Solution 1 - Eyebright extract, boric acid (1/8 oz.)

Solution 2 - Golden Seal extract, sea salt (1/8 oz.)

Manufacturer's Directions
Directions for our easy three-step process and helpful hints enclosed.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Contains no chemical preservatives - please refrigerate between uses. For dogs and cats only.

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