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NATURE'S BEST Perfect Isopure Meal Replacement

Strawberries and Cream 8.8 lbs
NATURE'S BEST Perfect Isopure Meal Replacement Strawberries and Cream 8.8 lbs

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BODYSTRONG 100% Whey Protein Isolate Strawberry Cream 5 lbs

100% Whey Protein Isolate Strawberry Cream 5 lbs

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Perfect Isopure Meal Replacement Overview

If you're trying to pack on muscle and lean up, you want a high-protein meal replacement with only moderate carbs and no fat. But there aren't many products on the market that fit that bill; the highest-protein MRP's usually have proportionately higher carbs and fat grams as well. A lot of users wanted the high-protein content but with a lower carb count (you do want some carbs) and no fat whatsoever. Nature's Best filled this void with their Isopure Meal Replacement Shake which quickly gained a loyal following that continues to increase. Isopure's protein payload is second to none at 50 grams, 100% of which is from whey protein isolate. That's more protein than 8 whole eggs! You get a modest amount of carbs to help replenish glycogen stores plus over 4 grams L-glutamine per serving. No fat, no lactose, no better high-protein MRP on the market. Use an Isopure shake to help build and preserve lean body mass while leaning up and navigating today's busy lifestyles.

Perfect Isopure Meal Replacement Description from NATURE'S BEST
The mother of all meal replacements. 50 grams of 100% pure ion exchange whey protein isolate. With zero lactose, zero fat. 4.67 grams L-Glutamine. Fuels, revitalizes, replenishes, pumps up the muscles faster.

Supplement Facts
Service Size: 87 Grams
Servings Per Container: 45
IngredientAmount% Daily Value**
Total Fat0g0
Saturated Fat0g0
Total Carbohydrate25g8
Dietary Fiber0g0
** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
† Daily Value not established.

Product supplement facts may vary slightly among different flavors.

By: mc1551287 on 8/24/2013

Best Protein I've Ever Used

This is the best protein that I've ever used !! As far as those who think it is too thin, then use less water or milk to mix it with.

By: KenYn on 12/04/2012

best protein I've ever used so far...

this is the best protein I've used so far , it's very easy to mix , great taste, i take it right after exercise cause i don't have time eating the right food, i would definitely recommend this protein especially when u don't have time to prepare your food in the morning...

By: RossSD on 8/07/2011

BEST lactose-free protein available

50 Grams of protein... tastes as good as anything out there. It is thin, but I like that, can just chug it and get on with my day. One of the highest quality protein powders available! Lactose free is a big plus for those of us who cannot do dairy or plain whey because of Lactose Intolerance.

By: HJP032510 on 4/19/2010

Variety Pack - love the peanut butter choc flavor

After lap band surgery I thought I should try the variety pack to see which flavors I would enjoy most. I have the larger 3lbers of choc, vanilla, strawberry, etc...however, the one in the variety pack I love was the peanut butter choc flavor. I find it more convenient to have the larger sizes with the scoop included. Can I buy it in a larger size than just the 20 pack?

By: drchop on 8/10/2009

Mixes a bit thin as suggested

I bought these to replace the Myoplex Lite I was using since the protein powder comes with high ratings. I like the tastes of the variety, the product is great so far, but my only gripe would be that mixing as directed, it is thin. The other brand was thicker and as an MRS, it made you feel fuller. This doesn't give you the same feeling. I reduced the liquid by 4oz and add some ice, and that does the trick to thicken it up (I blend it). The only reason for the 4 stars was the consistency is thin....Great tasting, so far good results.

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