New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care 120 tabs

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care

120 tabs

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Bone Strength Take Care Overview

New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care helps deliver whole food bioavailable calcium derived from algas calcareas. This bioavailable source of calcium is harvested live and cold processed to ensure its nutritional content. The calcium found in Bone Strength Take Care is included with vitamin D, vitamins K1 & 2, magnesium, strontium, silica and vanadium to help with absorption, uptake and utilization.

Many inferior forms of calcium supplements are derived from inorganic limestone sources that fail to provide a bioavailable source of calcium that your body can recognize and use. Make the switch to premium New Chapter Bone Strength Take Care and start providing the calcium that your body needs.

Bone Strength Take Care Description from New Chapter
-Bone-strengthening calcium your body recognizes as food
-With AlgaeCal, a proprietary plant source of calcium

Evidence suggests that calcium from whole food sources may produce more favorable effects in bone health than isolated calcium supplements. Similar to most nutrients, the body can utilize calcium much more effectively when it is paired with its natural co-factors such as magnesium and other trace minerals.

New Chapter is proud to deliver a calcium complex derived from whole food that delivers these key essential nutrients in their safest, most active form within the infinite complexity of whole food.

The most common form of calcium supplement today is derived from limestone. You don't eat rocks as part of your balanced diet, why would you choose to supplement your bone health nutritional needs with limestone?

Our bodies understand and seek whole food sources of nutrition, not rocks, which is why New Chapter formulated this product with a whole food plant source of this important nutrient complex. As whole food, it's easy on the digestive system.

The calcium complex in Bone Strength Take Care is derived from a special form of plant called Algas Calcareas (AlgaeCal) that is harvested from the pristine shores of a protected national reserve park in South America. Much like the vegetables from an organic garden, the algae is harvested live and then cold processed to retain its nutritional value.

Calcium must be completely dissolved in order to be absorbed. The plant-based calcium found in Bone Strength Take Care is porous, which dramatically increases the calcium's surface area. Stomach acid can then come into greater contact with the calcium, making it easy to dissolve.

In addition to the whole-food source of calcium and magnesium, we have also added other bone-nourishing nutrients to complete the food complex.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 3 tablets
Servings Per Container: 40
IngredientAmount% Daily Value**
Vitamin D31000IU200
Vitamin K135 mcg44
Vitamin K245 mcg56
Calcium770 mg77
Strontium5 mg
** Percent Daily Value is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
† Daily Value not established.

Contains fermented soy.

Organic barley grass, organic gum acacia, modified cellulose, silica, sunflower oil, and Bacillus subtillis natto extract.

Manufacturer's Directions
Take 3 tablets daily with 8 oz. of water in the middle of a larger meal. For best results, take one tablet with lunch and two tablets with dinner daily.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
As with any dietary or herbal supplement, you should advise your health care practitioner of the use of this product. If you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your health care practitioner prior to using this product.

By: on 12/03/2015

helped heal broken pelvis

I hesitate to give 5 stars just because. But I do think this a very good product. When I was taking this as well as several supplements by doctor told me that he didn't think I needed additional calcium supplements, my blood work showed that that was fine. Also my husband broke his pelvis while mountain bike riding. He isn't a supplement taker, but the doc suggested that a good calcium supplement would be good. He willingly began taking this as well as a vitamin D3 and his pelvis healed very well and rather quickly. When the doc allowed him to go back out on his bike his first ride was 50 miles, but not mountain, just road. :~)

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