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Citrus Moisture 16 fl.oz
Now Natural Shampoo Citrus Moisture 16 fl.oz

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Natural Shampoo Description from Now
NOW® Natural Citrus Moisture™ Shampoo saturates your hair with moisturizing compounds to keep it soft, healthy, and beautiful. We formulate our moisturizing shampoo with Vitamins B, C, and E, in addition to Jojoba Oil and Green Tea Extract for hair that looks and feels better than ever! For best results, we recommend using NOW® Natural Citrus Moisture™ Shampoo in combination with NOW® Natural Citrus Moisture™ Conditioner.

Have you read the label on your shampoo or conditioner lately? If not, you might be surprised to learn what some products contain. Parabens, abrasive cleansers, and chemical foaming agents, such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate, can actually harm your hair instead of helping it. NOW® Natural Citrus Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner products are different. We formulate them with essential nutrients, botanical extracts and other natural ingredients that work together to improve and enhance texture, while moisturizing hair follicles, and strengthening roots.

Extra foam doesn't necessarily mean extra clean. Commercial shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a chemical agent that causes heavy foam and suds. It can also be damaging to healthy hair. But you won't find SLS in NOW® Natural Shampoos. We formulate ours with natural extracts that enhance, fortify, and clean your hair without damaging it.What do fine hair, flat hair and thin hair all have in common? They all lack volume! To make matters worse, many of the most popular volumizing shampoos and conditioners are heavy and loaded with chemicals that can actually make fine hair look thinner. NOW® Natural Berry Full™ Shampoo and Conditioner work differently. Our line of volumizing hair care products contains vitamins, minerals, and essential extracts that boost volume and body, leaving hair looking healthier and fuller than ever!

Extra foam doesn't necessarily mean extra clean. Commercial shampoos contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), a chemical agent that causes he

De-ionized Water, Babassuamidopropyl Betaine, Decyl Glucoside, Sodium Olefin Sulfonate, Lauryl Glucoside, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Gel*, Vegetable Glycerine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Sodium Hydroxymethyl Glycinate, Herbal Extract Blend (extracts of Licorice, Calendula, Nettle, Horsetail (scouring rush), Chamomile, Lavender and Sage), Citric Acid, Keratin and Hydrolyzed Keratin, Natural Orange-Grapefruit Citrus Essence, d-Panthenol, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hydroxylated Soy Lecithin, Hydroxyet

Manufacturer's Directions
Wet hair and apply a generous amount of NOW® Natural Citrus Moisture™ Shampoo. Massage in and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary. For best results, condition with NOW® Natural Citrus Moisture™ Conditioner.

By: on 4/16/2015

Now Herbal Revival

A good shampoo for dry hair. It makes my hair soft.

By: on 4/03/2013

My 1st thumbs down to a NOW product

You must use a "generous amount" to get any lather at all. It is hard to rinse out and strips all of the oils from your hair. At this point I couldn't pull a comb through my hair without pulling it out. I had to use double the amount of conditioner and it felt softer but afterward my hair was dried out, frizzy and flyaway. I had to add Argan oil to my hair to give it some moisture but it kept drying out. I am a male so I don't use hairspray to hold my hair in place so I have to wear a hat when I'm out to keep my hair from literally blowing up in the air. I'll have to find another shampoo that will put some body back in my hair but it won't be a NOW shampoo. They should stick with what they do best "Vitamins and Herbal supplements". They can't be beat on that.

By: on 5/17/2010

Berry Full Shampoo and Conditioner

Thie is the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever found at any price. I have very fine, wavy blonde to grey medium length hair. ANY extra weight makes it flat but most shampoos are too harsh. It lathers great, smells awesome and is so easy to rinse out and the ingredients pass all the requirements!

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