Now Solutions - Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

1 unit
Now Solutions - Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser 1 unit

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Solutions - Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Description from Now
NOW Solutions' essential oils are genuine reflections of the botanicals of which they're born. This wide array of essential oils is comprised of pure and natural extracts teeming with beneficial substances possessing functional groups that, when properly diffused, can encourage wellness, tranquility and inspire minds.

Aromatherapy is the diffusion of pure, natural aromatic essences from plants and botanicals for the purpose of promoting harmony of the body, mind, and spirit. It's a natural technique that's non-invasive yet all-encompassing in its ability to affect the well-being of the whole person through the use of one of our most powerful senses -- the sense of smell.

Aromatherapy works through two different methods of action. The first is through the effect of aromas on the brain, which work through the olfactory system to affect the limbic system. The second is through the direct effects of the beneficial substances naturally inherent in the botanicals that essential oils are derived from. Aromatherapy is not intended as a cure for any ailment. Rather, it helps to promote homeostasis, possibly through indirect effects on the immune system and by improving the mental state of the user.

The science of producing essential oils has evolved significantly over the years. These days producing an essential oil that's highly concentrated, identity verified, and beneficial is a craft that involves a delicate balance of art and science that cannot be compromised. Fresh botanicals bursting with vitality, strict attention to detail, and meticulous extraction methods are what separate the elite essential oils from the run-of-the-mill natural and synthetic oils you'll find on the market today. At NOW Solutions we take the quality and safety of our oils very seriously, and we take great pride in ensuring that every oil we produce is brought to you in a manner that's scientifically and environmentally responsible.

Manufacturer's Directions
Just add 4 oz. of water and five drops of your favorite essential oils and enjoy. Add more drops for a stronger aroma. Press the power button to begin diffusing and activate the six rotating LED colors. Press power again to pause on your favorite color. Press once more to turn off colors completely. Press again to shut off unit. Diffuses up to eight hours, then shuts off automatically.

Manufacturer's Disclaimer
Keep away from children and pets.

By: on 7/21/2016

LOVE this diffuser

I got mine at whole foods. I love this one...nice style (bamboo) and it really lets out a nice amount of essential oil smell..I have another type from another company..this one is far better! Really nice!

By: on 6/22/2016

Now oil diffuser - bamboo

Nice to look at. Runs a long time. Very useful.

By: on 2/16/2016

Lovely Product

The diffuser works well and is very attractive. I have had trouble with tipping because of the shape.

By: on 1/13/2016

NOW - Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser Wooden

Came pretty quick and packed nicely. Good buy for the money. So far runs good. I use along with essential oils and do not have any problems. Runs for few hours. Thanks.

By: on 2/21/2015


This is my first diffuser. It works wonderfully throughout the day and night. It's petite and pretty to look at. It is also easy to clean and maintain.

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