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Labrada Lean Body

LABRADA NUTRITION - The most trusted name in Sports Nutrition.

Labrada Company Information:

In 1996, former Mr. Universe and pro bodybuilding legend Lee Labrada introduced his own line of sports nutrition products to provide others with the education and products necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This marked the beginning of Houston-based Labrada Nutrition, a company that has grown exponentially every year and is one of the industry’s greatest success stories. Labrada products are developed using an internal research team and by working with food scientists to ensure quality. Lee and his staff sample products in the making, and there is a particular emphasis on taste. The Labrada bars and Labrada shakes have recently won the Gold Medal for Taste from the American Tasting Institute and the NNFA People’s Choice Award. Lee seals his products with his personal guarantee, and this trust between Lee and his customers has quickly established his brand as one of the most trusted names in sports nutrition.

Labrada Company Guarantee:

Lee Labrada proudly lays his hard-earned reputation on the line with his Personal Quality Guarantee Seal, ‘If it's on the label, it’s in the product.’

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