Vegetable Protein

Vegetable Protein: Overview

Vegetable protein is protein derived from a plant-based source such as soy, rice or hemp. With the exception of soybeans, proteins from plant sources are for the most part incomplete, meaning they lack one or more of the 8 essential amino acids is missing. For this reason, many vegetable protein supplements combine complementary plant-based protein sources to provide a complete protein.

Vegetarian Protein's Health Benefits

Vegetable protein maybe better tolerated by some people than animal-source protein. Vegetable protein is also compatible with vegan and vegetarian diets. Many vegetarian proteins contain additional vitamins and nutrients as well.

Using Vegetarian Protein

use Vegetarian Proteins as you would any protein supplement. Label information often include suggested uses and recipes.

Side-effects and Cautions:

Those allergic to any of the plant-based protein sources should carefully read labels chose products accordingly.


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